From the Ross Revenge on the Northsea.


Radio Monique dj Bart Steenman making a commercial a board of the Ross Revenge recently.


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                                           EXAMPLES OF RESPONSE VIA EMAIL;

We get a lot of response, every transmission. Here you find examples of listeners emails which benefit our engineers, of some transmissions in  2018;

Frequency: 3935
Mode: AM
Date: 18 Feb 2019
Time: 2310 to 2325
SINPO: 22222
RX'er: vintage Halicrafter @-38-C feed into a Technics 2000 watt karaoke amp with a 20 band Radio Shack EQ and using a 400 ft coax wide loop antenna with a amp booster head plugged into Dell Computer with audacity for recordings.
RX'er: Location Central Pennsylvania USA

Programme Detail.

See recordings.

PSE eQSL and 73's and Happy DX'ing.

Big Badfish Al Al <bad_fish@excite.com>


Local time: 17.10 - 17.22
Coordinates: 5341N4926E
My location: selo. Nizhnee Sancheleevo. Samara region. Russia
Date: 31.March.2018
Time: 13.10 - 13.22 utc
Fq: 6305 khz
Sinpo: 55555        S --- 9 dB
Rx:  web  sdr /// South West London. England
Ant: TC2M Broadband Antenna
If this report is correct, please verify it with your QSL-card or letter,
than you and 73!
My E-mail: lazarevvasiliy3@gmail.com
My name and address:
Vasiliy Lazarev
ul. Sovetskaja d.112
selo. Nizhnee Sancheleevo
Stavropolsky raion
Samara region
Russia. 445134
Program details:
13.10 utc // Song --- English language
13.13 utc // Identification --- Information --- Transmitter--------
13.16 utc // Song --- English language
13.18 utc // Identification --- Talk --- Information. Song --- English language
13.21 utc // Identification --- Talk -----------------
                     13.22 utc -------- TX --- s/off -------- end of transmission

Best transmitting and 73!

 Vasiliy Lazarev <lazarevvasiliy3@gmail.com>


DearStation , 

I was most pleased to hear your station '  Radio Monique ' on the 31/03/2018 ,16:05 Local hours  , on the frequency of 6305 kHz AM.
I heard you on an Yaesu FT950 radio with Long Wire antenna homemade ( 20.50 m ) .

Reception Was Generally  good . The  signal 8   Was stronger at times ( 9 Max ), There was QRM interference on your frequency. , The signal was received with little difficulty, always audible
SINPO 32333

Could you please check the details of this reception report. If you find them to be correct, could you please send me your e-QSL verification, letting me know if it was indeed these station that I heard ? I would be most pleased to receive this from you. A simple e-mail with some info about your transmitter would be enough.

My name David  , 43 year  . radio hobbyist since 1990. I live in Sarralbe (Locator: JN38MX) a small French town in the Northeast. I particularly enjoy tuning to distant MW and SW stations in France and worldwide.

May your station have continued successes in the future. I look forward to your reply and I send many thanks in advance and Best Wishes from France .


David  (F-21098)  David SWL <david.swl57@gmail.com>

Hi there
As promised in Pirate Chat, here’s my recording of your station, from around 11.34 GMT on 6285 kHz,
Click on box.com link below, you will be able to listen to and download my recording.
I was using an Airspy HF Plus SDR receiver, using SDR Console version 3.0.3 software. The antenna is a Wellbrook ala-1530 loop at four metres above ground.
Please will you QSL?

QTH Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Sent from Mail for Windows 10  Patrick Travers <patrickt@talk21.com>


Hello Monique

enclosed a report from your broadcast 4. november 2018

73*s John Vinther Nielsen  John Vinther Nielsen <john-n@post3.tele.dk>


from Marco Hommel

Send you my  ( Reception Report) To you Radio Monique int send my for this Reception Report

To the Radio : Radio Monique int

                                        Reception Report


Datum: 25.12.2018                                          


Zeit:  UTC 12:05 - 12:24 UTC 

Frequenz 6305 khz


Empfänger: Eton e1 


Antenne:  Midi Loop 15 m High 

   SINPO : 45444

Programm Details. Jingel Radio Monique , Christmas Song Silent night, holy night, and Jingel Radio Monique again .Stille nach Heilige Nacht Deutsche Version 12:23 UTC

Marco Hommel

P.o.Box.: 1115 

01897 Grossroehrsdorf 

Germany   Marco Hommel <Marco-Hommel@web.de>

--                                                                  -------------

1 rue des capucines 
                                                          31th december 2018

Dear sir, 

My hobby is a monitoring radio signals on short wave band.

I received your radio signal since north part of France. 
I hope this receptions reports will be interest to you, 

DATE : 31/12/2018
TIME : 1341Z

If the details in this report cheks with your station record and prove to be correct,
I would be glad to receive your qsl card by email or letter to confirm my reception of your radio signal.


F1PYW  eric bronner <f1pyw.eric@gmail.com>


Reception report from Finland
Radio Monique

I had the pleasure of listening to your station on shortwaves.

Date: 25.12.2018
Time: 12.04- UTC
Frequency: 6305kHz, a little bit moving frequency
Reception: SINPO 45322
An audio sample of reception attached.

Receiver: Perseus SDR
Aerial: folded dipole for 48 metres.
I listened in Raisio, near Turku, in south western Finland. It's my remote controlled receiver about 2km from my home.

Thank you very much for your broadcast!
If you find that I heard your station, then your verification to this reception report would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards

Risto Harjula
Soliniuksenkuja 24 as.22
FI-21200 Raisio


Hello to you Monique!   Hearing you here in Maryland, USA (via SDR
network) at 2040 UTC.   Signal

good with a bit of distortion in your mic or signal.   Good overall signal at this late hour.

Male announcer with "Radio Monique" ID introducing Stones.

2043: Harlem Shuffle: Rolling Stones

Announcer again with "Radio Monique International" ID the introducing Stones.

2044 She's a Rainbow:  Rolling Stones

Hoping to have your eQSL for this reception and hope to hear you again in the near future!
Daniel Robinson <dxace1@gmail.com>


from RAINER BRANDT                         Thursday, February 14, 2019
North West Germany

Dear RADIO MONIQUE operator! Dear friend Bart Steenman!
First of all: Thanks for the great chat and shout-out and playing my request!
It was a real pleasure to have you this afternoon.
Well, this is my very first reception report to your radio station since 2014!
I’m a radio listener (DXer) since the 1970s and know offshore Monique also,
and even received a QSL card from them in 1985!
Today I was lucky enough to catch your nice signals here in North West
of Germany between Hannover and Hamburg. What a great experience!
Now I hope you like my report and I hope you may be able to check
and answer it with any kind of verification!
An E-mail QSL would be great indeed! Thanks in advance!
I'm very curious about your site in the Netherlands, anyway, I'm very pleased
having heard another foreign station again here in Northern Germany!

Here is what I heard:
DATE:  Thursday, February 14, 2019
TIME:  19.06 – 19.37 UTC (that is 20.06 – 20.37 CET local wintertime)
FREQ:  3935 kHz AM modulation, mode was OK, quite loud, well done!
SINPO: 34433-44444, means good signal, sometimes QRM, fading, noises

PROGRAMME: announcement heard in English by a male announcer
19.06 UTC Phil Collins – Sussudio
19.08 UTC IDs and jingles Radio Monique on 3945 and 6285, music extracts
19.08 UTC Do you copy - over…. TX off for a while
19.13 UTC rainbrandy can hear us on 3935 but not on 6285, ID
19.14 UTC slow music, then announcer and ABBA – Mama Mia
19.18 UTC announcement, IDs Monique, Achim listening Webreceiver, UK
19.19 UTC rainbrandy request The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the devil
19.21 UTC The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the devil played
19.26 UTC Announcer – echo alive and kicking, playing music
19.27 UTC Boomi heard Monique, special request, time given 27 past
19.28 UTC kind person, he is thanking us! smily, gentleman ;-)
e-mail given radiomoniqueradio@hotmail.nl, Monique
19.29 UTC same station as 30…34 years ago
19.30 UTC Ross Revenge, radio all over universe, Queen - Radio Gaga
19.35 UTC ID on 3945 kHz, my name is Bart Steenman, e-mail again
19.37 UTC Supertramp – Take the long way home, jingles, Boomi DX, Dutch

Listen to my audiofile which I attached. I hope you like it?!

Unfortunately I was not able to pick up more proper details – reception
dropped and I had to leave also, but in fact heard your station there!

BTW, my receiver was a SONY ICF 2001D fed into a dipole antenna.
My location was about 50 km north of Hannover, Northern Germany.

Anyway, I hope my reported details were correct for any kind of QSL!
What was the current location of this transmission and what was the power
and antenna system? Can you send some promotion material like
a studio, transmitter and antenna picture, a schedule or pics of the hosts?

Thanks for all things in advance and take care!
Now I wish much success with your further activities and KEEP IN TOUCH!
Happy New Year 2019 again and all the very best in future transmitting!

Rainer Brandt
North West Germany


Hi Radio Monique Intl,
I heard your broadcast yesterday from 2302 to approximately 2440 UTC.  I'm from the US state of New Mexico, but listened to you via an online SDR located in Wrexham.northeast Wales.  The operator uses a 200' dipole.  The band was noisy, but for this late in the day, the signal strength was unusually good.  I'd rate your signal a 322, due to noise and quite a bit of utility interference, especially after 2320.

I heard looped snippets of several songs, including the Stones' Sympathy for the Devil, I Was Made for Loving You by Kiss, Butterflyz by Alicia Keys.  You gave your ID and thanked listeners at 2314 UTC and gave your email address.  I thought I heard you say, "We are leaving the airwaves now, good bye."  I thought your carrier was off, but heard quite a bit afterward that I'm not sure was still you.  You or someone said something about "Belgium" and played another song I couldn't ID.  At 2325 I heard Go West by Pet Shop Boys and at 2329 "Well, well, ok", then later at 2336 "no, no", whistling sounds and chuckling. Something was said about the studio, and then "well, well" and then more of Go West.  Between the dropouts, noise, and utility interference, I couldn't find your signal and tuned away around 2340 UTC.

If my report is correct (and I'm not positive it is), and if you verify reception of online SDR listeners, I'd appreciate a confirmation.  If not, it's cool I understand.  I just want to let you know I was one of your listeners today.

Thank you for keeping radio free, and I'll listen for you again.
Heath Hall (bubblova on HFU)

Albuquerque New Mexico USA




Hi there, my beloved radio people!

Thank you for a nice show today, you can see a recording (video) https://youtu.be/A6e7sPPI-go

I recorded the whole test tones and music today in Edinburgh, Scotland.

All the best! 

Michael R. Lackovic 


Van: Dan Robinson <dxace1@gmail.com>
Verzonden: donderdag 28 november 2019 15:27
Aan: RADIO MONIQUE <radiomoniqueradio@hotmail.nl>
Onderwerp: Report to Monique
Hello to you Monique...heard your strong signal on 6285 khz this morning from 1415 utc with oldies and ID and test tones at 1422.
Thanks for the show and any eQSL appreciated! 


 Hi Radio Monique, Hello from Texas1DXer -

I’m writing to let you know that I enjoyed hearing the test transmission from Radio Monique, 6285 kHz, at 1432 UTC on October 15,  2019.

I heard you on a KiwiSDR software-defined receiver, connected to a 22-meter-high vertical antenna, in Bjargtanger, Iceland.

I controlled the receiver from Austin, Texas using the Google Chrome browser on a 2018 Apple MacBook Air (13-inch Retina display, 1.6 GHz i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD) over a 1 GB cable internet connection with an Askey 801.11ac wireless router.

At about 1511 UTC, I rated your signal SINPO 35333 for the following reasons:

Signal Strength:  The signal strength was S5 on the SDR’s bar S-meter.  I rated the signal good = 3
Interference from other stations:  There was little to no interference from other stations.  I rated the signal excellent = 5
Noise from the atmosphere and other sources:  There was some atmospheric noise typical of the time of day and season.  I rated the signal good = 3
Propagational effects of ionospheric fading and other issues.  There were occasional shallow fades, otherwise the signal was very good .  I rated the signal good = 3
Overall quality of your signal:  I rated the signal good = 3.

I’m attaching a short .mp3 audio file from about 1511 UTC so you can hear your signal. 

Here are details about the songs I heard (times are approximate UTC because I timed them from my audio file; songs identified using Shazam):

1432 UTC – Tune in to “Joanna” by Kool & The Gang
1433 – “You and Me” by Crazy Kids (Benny Hill theme)
1438 – “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson
1444 – “London Calling” by The Clash
1448 – “Enola Gay” by McCluskey
1452 – “Enola Gay” by Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark
1456 – “Rip Her to Shreds” by Blondie
+++++ away from computer getting coffee +++++
1503 – “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion
1509 – “Kayleigh” by Marillion
1510 – Tune Out.

There were frequent ID and mentions of email address and webpage.  At 1508 UTC, there was a shout-out to the pirate radio chat room.

I had a great time listening to the music.  All the songs were new to me.  I’m not a Michael Jackson fan so his song was wasted on me.
I’ve listened to shortwave and mediumwave radio off-and-on since 1959 and have heard 162 shortwave countries from Austin.  While there aren’t nearly as many stations on shortwave compared to even 30 years ago, there’re enough interesting broadcasts – free radio stations like yours -- to make up for it.  Keep up the good work!

On a more personal note, I’m 73 years old, married, retired from three separate careers, and spend some of my spare time rescuing stray dogs.

I hope the results of your test were to your liking.

If this report is correct and useful, I’d appreciate receiving an eQSL at tcolgan@outlook.com.  

Long Live Free Radio!




Terry Colgan WD5GWC
4204 Lostridge Drive
Austin, Texas 78731 USA