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QUEEN OF THE WAVES original offshore dj's live  ALL OVER EUROPE ON AND NEAR 6285 Khz , SEVERAL HOURS A WEEK !! -- LIVE SHOWS WITH ORIGINAL OFFSHORE DJ'S   OF RADIO MONIQUE SINCE 1985 !-- RADIO MONIQUE INTERNATIONAL EMAIL  MONIQUE  -  CONTACT WITH RADIO MONIQUE CLICK   HERE CHAT WITH THE STUDIO (WHEN ON AIR); CLICK  HERE   GIVE THE CHAT ADRESS TO OTHERS; WWW.FREERADIOCHAT.BLOGSPOT.COM   VIDEO; CLICK IT; Radio Monique dj Bart Steenman making a commercial a board of the Ross Revenge recently;   FACEBOOK; GIVE IT A LIKE PLEASE, CLICK  HERE                                        -                ---               -  RADIO MONIQUE COMEBACK ON MEDIUM WAVE FIRST SHOW ON 918 KHZ  WITH DJ BART STEENMAN, IN DUTCH LANGUAGE; ---                                         ---         --- Hundred thousand watt on shortwave Watch a movie, inspired on this ship  HERE CLICK FOR A SHORT VIDEO OF RECEPTION IN THE  UNITED KINGDOM, YOU HEAR DJ BART ST EENMAN: LISTEN TO RECEN

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