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We get a lot of response, every transmission. Here you find some of those listeners emails which benefit our engineers and dj's, of some transmissions  ; 
The sound quality was great, plenty of power without sounding too punchy or distorted! 

Martin Davies, Welshpool, Wales.
Besides the fact that you play my type of music, you might be interested in another observation: your actual sound seems to be way above the standard for stations. First of all, your signal was stronger than I would expect, and indeed it was stronger here compared to other  stations on that band which I noticed on air at the time. And secondly, your audio quality was so much better than the other stations. Obviously you pay a lot of attention to the technical side? Vashek, Listening in tjech republic.
Hi Bart Steenman, fantastic signal and very good sound in Putka Finland. Glad to hear you. You are my favourite dj and radioman still! Its always a pleasure to listen to you, KEEP IT UP! Here is a request; Haloo Helsinki . Thanks ! DXguy Finland.

Radio Monique Internationale.

I had the pleasure of listening to you from the Vosges on 6285 Khz.Superb musical program and a "sound" (which has a soul) as I like!
Attached is a listening report.
Attached audio files at 15.51 and 15.57 TU
I now live in the Vosges : very nice signal !
Are you the old Radio Monique station from the 80's ?
Thank you in advance to confirm this report.
All the Best.

 Le Village


YOUR SHOWS ARE THE DOG'S BOLLOCK'S  (THE  BEST) DJ BART STEENMAN !   Jock Wilson , Teacher English, Hohhot city , China .


Hey Bart!

What a big signal in Germany, in Wesel,  Great!

It is great to listen, to the old and good Monique Jingles!

I listen to you with a SONY ICF 2001 D and a ca. 45 m Loop Antenna on the Storage (in the attic)

S 9 with 10 Stars, very big signal, i think 10 Kilowatts?!?!

I have a nice DISCO Request for all Free Radio Freaks "Viola Wills - gonna get along without you now"

If you dont have the record on Board, i think Eruption "One way ticket to the Moon" is also okay!

If you dont have this record neither, then please play "Maywood - Late At Night"

Thank you for the Programm!

Big fun with the transmission

and figtht for good an free radio

in Europe,

with greetings to Erika,


Roger Blue

from Germany

-----        ------     -----

Great show Bart ! Please play 'Pilot of the airwaves' by Charlie Dore for us. All the best; Neil Gates , DJ Radio Caroline nineteen eighties and nineties.

        --------        ------

My name is Alexandr, I'm DXer from Ukraine.

 I had great pleasure of receiving to your broadcast in park with only
 portable receiver and whip (telescopic) antenna. And I hope you will
 be pleased to know that your signal was audible in Ukrainian capital.
 If this report is correct, please confirm it by some QSL.Thank you
 very much for the nice music. Here is my reception report and short
      audio clips in attachment. Sorry for the delay.

   ----        ----

  Hi Bart,

Listening to radio Monique since 10:28 utc on 6285 kHz (U2 " Where the
streets have no name", Simple Minds "Don't you" then The Blues Brothers
"Gimme some loving"), on my Tecsun receiver, but the reception is awful
So, i listen on Radio Monique with a SDR receiver in Germany with the
net: Your voice is a captivating voice, and the music is top!
And we wish to see the girls you were talking about a few minutes ago!
Go on spreading peace and love all over the world!
I keep in touch on Radio Monique!
Thanks keeping shortwaves alive!
Norbert F5202SWL from Paris southern surburbia (France).

   ----        ----

Hi Bart, 


Briliant 54444 signal here in Dublin. Unlike Holland, the sun is blazing, listening to you in the garden on my Tecsun communications receiver with a longwire. 

Tuned in at 15.00 and heard Miami Sound Machine - Dr. Beat, Blondie - In The Sun, Frankie Laine and Ray Coniff - Midnight Gambler, Nick Kamen - I Promised Myself and Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good. 

Were you on the Ross Revenge Monique? I worked for Radio Caroline as Stuart Clark and also read the International News on Monique. I wax on the shop with Ad Roberts, Dick Verheul and Herbert Visser. 

Fun times! 

Would appreciate a QSL, 


73s Simon Parry 

----            ----            ------               --

ik luister in de buurt van Waimes (bij Malmedy), in de Ardennen. Modulatie  hard.
Veldsterkte redelijk stabiel.
Apparatuur: Sony ICF-SW35, binnenshuis.

Wim Vriezen

(Wim de Valk op Monique, '85-'87)  


 Hey Bart -
It’s always nice to hear Radio Monique on Sunday mornings (in Texas).
I really appreciate you playing such great music (“Forever Young” right now) and my occasional requests for AC/DC songs.
Please keep up the great work!
tc - texas1dxer
Terry Colgan
 Texas  USA 


I have my 83 year old mother in self isolation due to her age and having suppressed immunity. My wife was on her shift working in Accident & Emergency Department in hospital dealing with Covid-19 patients so I sent them a clip of you playing You’ll Never Walk Alone and it was very much appreciated by both of them and they say thanks very much.
Listened  on 6285 KHz until you closed down at 17:50 UTC – short MP3 attached for you.

Greetings from Scotland and stay safe

73 Iain


Hallo Bart+Monique-crew !

many thanks for the quick answer + informations !  Your programms are always good made by the DJ's !

I hope to hear your programmes in the future...ok


best wishes from Germany, Uwe

----        ----


Hello Monique, thanks for the on air mention  !

Nice s9 signal over here today on 6235 KHz and music sounding good – playing CCR “Have You Ever Heard The Rain” and next was The Pretenders

I attach a short MP3 to let you hear conditions on this side.


As usual listening in Gourock, west of Scotland using my Elad FDM-S2 with the Wellbrook ALA-1530 active loop


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Scotland


73 Iain


Scotland DX

     ----    ----    ----

Hello again, i heard your reply to my email. You are putting out a great message of love and peace to the world and i am in complete agreement. Love for all, hatred for none. I push the same message everywhere I go and I am known as the gospelmaker. Instagram: @thegospelmaker Thankyou for the song played. I will listen more now that i have found your station and thankyou for the qsl card. I will feature it on my instagram shortly. I would like to say hello to your listeners and send them and the world my love.


______      _______      _______

Hi guys,


I've been listening to your broadcast today and was quite surprised on how good and steady the signal was. 


I've quite enjoyed the music you did play and hope to receive you more often.



Date - UTC - QRG - Content - SINPO

201008 - 1508z - 6285 KHz - "This is Radio Monique International" - 33232

201008 - 1510z - 6285 KHz - Van Halen-Jump - 33232  

201008 - 1515z - 6285 KHz - Simple Minds-Don't you forget about me - 33232  


Location : Peine, Germany - JO52DH

RX: Yaesu FRG 8800

Ant1: 40m L-shape Longwire

Ant2: 30m Lambda/4 dipole

+ a selfbuilt match


It would be great if you could confirm my reception by an eQSL.


Thank you very much for the lovely music this afternoon!


Kind Regards,

André Dürkop


Ahoy Bart -


We had your show on Ship's PA system this morning, and Crew enjoyed the songs you played.  We were tuned to a UK SDR with great reception.


Right now, we're located off the South Texas Coast in the Gulf of Mexico, about 100 km almost due South of Port Isabel, Texas.


We don't have a chance to hear you very often as our Sunday morning routine consists of arresting raiding and looting passenger vessels and taking hostages for ransom.  


Keep up the good work!

 Sailors from Texas USA


Hello Bart,
Nice to hear you on the air. I am listening on a Kiwi site in Parainen, south-west Finland. Signal is quite strong and stable. A joy to listen nice music and speech. I can hear you also here in Oulu with my Icom and MLA30+ loop antenna with fair signal. Parainen is better of course as it is 600 km’s closer to your transmitter. I am still suprised, that Monique can be heard and signal is readable here in the Northern Finland.

What about HIM and their song Wing of a Butterfly? From Finland, of course!
73’s Harri Hatunen

----       -------

Hallo Bart+Monique-crew !

many thanks for the quick answer + informations !  Your programms are always good made by the DJ's !

I hope to hear your programmes in the future...ok


best wishes from Germany, Uwe

----       -------


TO Radio: Radio Monique

DATE: 30.10.

TIME (UTC): 16.13-16.24

FREQUENCY (kHz): 6300

SINPO: 45333


Antenna: Long Wire 50 m






----        ----        ----

Hello Radio Monique,


I am listening outdoors here in UK. Strong signal, enjoying the show. 




Mad Radio DXer.

----          -----          -----

Hello Mr. Monique,

Always nice to listen to your informative and entertaining radio station!

Greetings to Monique listeners in Finland. From Snowman in Oulu, Northern Finland. Reception at the moment in Raisio Kiwi receiver in Raisio, South-West Finland.

Could you play Finnish metal band Battle Beast and their song ”Master of Illusions”


 Dear Sirs

and with immense sastifacao that I come to inform you of the reception of your radio here in my country and state of sao paulo brazil I tuned in to your broadcaster today 08.03.21utc 16:58_ local on the frequency estação de rádio pirata holandesa Radio Monique ouvida às 1658 UTC na frequência de 6280 KHz. em inglês,  the reception received by me with your number 35124
the reception received by me of good quality you cannot imagine the sastification I felt in being able to hear your program I was impressed with the reach I asked you for, please send me a confirmation card or a qsl from the broadcaster


                                                                                                           live long and prosper

SDR FDM S1 used, SDR FDM S1 driver was added to an Intel Core i7-4771 PC with a 3.5 Ghz CPU and SDR Console v3.0.20 software, the antenna is a Delta-Ewe device with preamplifier (autocostrict).

marcelo miquelin

sao paulo BRASIL


Hello Mr. Monique,

Always nice to listen to your informative and entertaining radio station!

Greetings to Monique listeners in Finland. From Snowman in Oulu, Northern Finland.Moderate reception at the moment in Raisio Kiwi receiver in Raisio, South-West Finland.

Could you play Finnish metal band Battle Beast and their song ”Master of Illusions”

-----        -----

Dear Sir,

my name is Denis and I live in Pordenone, a city about 100 Km north of Venice in Italy.

It's w-          -----          -----ith pleasure that report to have listened Radio Monique Int.:

* the 23/12
* from 16:45 to 17:20 UTC
* on 6235 kHz AM
* with SINPO 55444

My receiver report a signal of S9+10 with little qrm/qsb
No interference on the frequency, good audio and modulation.


Some details of what I have heard:

2000 Miles - Pretenders
ID, yes we can, yes we do. Email, play a song for you.
Jingle radio Monique
Are friends electric ? - Tubeway army
If i had a hammer - Trini Lopez
ID and reception reports
Icy rain of lofoten - Norsez
Christmas in Scotland - Marc Gunn
O the Holly she bears a berry - The chieftains
Uman rights in Ukraine
Chi-qui-rri-tin - The Kelly Family
Thank you for listening, website.
Good night and thank you for listeni


The receiver, antenna, and accessory I used to monitor your broadcast were:
* Receiver: Icom IC-R9500
* Antenna: Longwire 75 mt.osition: North-east Italy,
* Meteo conditions:Clear sky, temp. 7°C

Something about me:

I have the hobby of radio since 1990.
For many years I have dedicated myself to listen all was possible, then in 2006 I became a ham radio operator but after five years of activity
I have returned to devote much of my free time to listening radio stations.
I like to build antennas and small electronic circuits, for this I place a small basic instrumentation.
For my radio hobby i use sdr receivers like Perseus, Elad FDM-S2, Airspy, Sdrplay, Icom IC-R8600 and classic receivers like IC-R9500, IC-R72, IC-R7000, Yaesu FRG7700 and 8800, Kenwood R5000 ecc.
My antenna are loop Ala 1530, dynamic Yagi Ultrabeam UB-50, Vertical dipole Gap Titan dx and many wires antenna.

In the hope that this information will can be useful, if this report matches your station log  I would great appreciate
if you can send me a eQSL or email to confirm the listening of your radio station.

Best regards, 


  -----------------------------------------------------------------         --------   Dear Operator,

I've heard your station on SW a lot. Nice music program...for older listeners, like me...HI.

Last sunday (19thth Febr.) I heard your station on  6240 kHz with a good signal only,here in Germany.

Not  interference and good modulation ! Here  a short report for you.


SINPO: 45534  Otherwise, I've always heard your program with better reception  quality!

I'm living in the Eastern part of  Germany. My used equipement:

Kiwi-receiver, ELAD FDM duo, and some active loop-antennas. Enclosed you'll find  a picture

of  my antennas (on the bacony) ! For other informations about me, please visit:


here some details about  your program:

15.21 UTC seeds of love(long version)/    love resurrection (A.Moyet)/  look of love...15.35 close down

16.14 new: jingle+love is love (Beatles)/  report from Roger Blue-Germany+ Reiner Dietmann  ???



In the last month I have already sent some reception reports to you. Unfortunately, I have

not received a reply from you yet. Please send me your eQSL-Card.  Thanks


here my kiwi-address:



best wishes from  Eastern Germany (near Dresden);    UWE

------       ------       ------ 

Dear Radio Monique International.


I had the great pleasure to listen to your broadcast on 6280 kHz, and I hereby send you a reception report with a hope that you will reply and confirm it.


Time: 12.00-12.30 UTC

Frequency: 6280 kHz

Language: English

Reception: Fair to good reception with no interference.

SINPO: 34333


To prove my reception of your station, I have attached an audio file in mp3-format, which I hope you will be able to open and listen to.


I also noted the following music being played:


12.17 UTC : "She's in Love With You" Suzi Quatro

12.22 UTC : "River Road" Crystal Gayle


Receiver: Elad FDM-SW2 

Antenna: pa0rdt active antenna in three meters high in garden in downtown Odense. 

Location: Odense, Denmark


I am 57 years old, have two daugthers 21 years old and 23 years old, journalist on crime affairs at a regional newspaper, and part time tour leader for a travel company in countries in The Middle East and Central Asia. I like listening to radio and have done it since my childhood. 


I hope you will be able to confirm my listening of Radio Monique International on email.


Best regards


Bjarke Vestesen


----          ------          ------

Greetings Radio Monique!


 Yes indeed! You sent me a very nice QSL the very next day after my reception report to you! I had posted it on the HF Underground website but didn't reply back to you with my thank you note....I apologize for that! I had recently spent time in Critical Care at a local hospital for health issues, and was in recovery. I am doing well now and would like to thank you for your kind reply to my report! THANK YOU! 

 I posted an additional comment on the HF Underground QSL forum with a link to your cool website/blog! Here is the link to that if you want to check it out!,102222.0.html

I look forward to any tests you might air, and in the meantime, I wish you the best of health and success with your Radio Monique endeavors! Best regards,

Chris Bagge (aka "Skipmuck") in Springfield, Massachusetts USA

----        ----        ----        

Hello Radio Monique team, hello Bart,


good reception here in northern Germany……….



Could you play „Monopoly““ from Klaus Lage  for me… ?


Thanks for a great show and best regards,  


Dieter Grundt


Hamburg / Germany 

______         _______      ______    

Hello Radio Monique, I'm Angelo, a listener of yours from northern Italy, Sedriano MI, today at 17.05 UTC, 6.290 Khz,
 I listened to your music, at 17.08 von Twist and Shout by The Isley Brothers and at 17.15 War with Low Rider ,
 with a good 9.00 signal and a Sinpo 44444.
My RX is a Yaesu FRG-100 with MLA30 antenna.
I hope for your confirmation, thanks


Angelo Fanchini
Sedriano (Mi)

________   _____     ________ 

Hello from France,

I listen to Radio Monique International from the south of France !  I'm
in Tende a small village near Monaco and the Italian border.

I enjoy the music you played and reception on 6290 is perfect !

Vriendelijke groeten !

Christian Ghibaudo.

_____       ______          ______

Hello Bart,


Nice Radio Monique signal in Iitti Kiwi SDR in Southern Finland. I am listening in Oulu, Northern Finland.

Regards, to our radio active WhatsAp group.


What about our local music from Oulu? Satellite Stories and ”Young Detectives”. They were under wings of Coldplay. They 

perhaps sound like Coldplay, too.


It has been nice radio day today. Radio Monique International!


- Harri Hatunen 

____    ____    ____


Hello Radio Monique team,


could you play „In the name of love“ from Cora for me… ?



Thanks a lot.


73, Dieter


Hamburg / Germany 

_____       ______      __________

Dear Radio Monique International,

My name is Mikael and I’m a DXer from Sweden. I was listening to 6280 kHz the 27th of May 2021 at 18.56 UTC. Thank you for the greeting through the pirate chat 😊

Excellent signal. Overall SINPO 45444. I listened with my own private KiwiSDR in Lindome on the west coast of Sweden. My antenna is a Wellbrook ALA1530LN active loop direction north to south. 

I attach a small mp3 file. It would be great if you could confirm my reception by an eQSL.

Thanks in advance. Have a nice day!

Kind Regards and 73's from

Mikael Sjöberg

------            ------                 ------


Thanks, I'm still well. Yes, since our army destroyed russian troops
under Kyiv, there are no shellings at least. Many people have already
returned to the capital, however some danger of rocket attacks remains
in all cities of Ukraine. Most of battles are concentrated on the
southern and eastern part of the country now.


_____     _____     _____

Hi Bart ,


s9+10 pieken maar veel last van fading

spraak is ok 



____    ____     _____


Interesting program with a lot of informations. The most music titles I know, the others I found with help of the shazam-app. I hope all is correctly. Reception quality was good, only some noises and weak fadings.

It would be very nice if you can send me for this reception report your eQSL-card and some details to your station and the transmitter. Thank you very much!


Stay healthy in this difficult times!


Sincerely yours and all time “good DX”!


Klaus Weber from Zeitz 

____    ____    ____

I had a nice record request ...


Swedish Lotta Engberg -- Hey Hey Lady lay



much greeting to all Finnish listeners-- like Pekka in Kotka and Harri in Oulu!

____    ____    ____

Hallo Radio Monique

Hierbij bevestig ik jullie ontvangst vandaag : 24/03

Frequency : 918 khz

Mode: AM

Language : Nederlands

Signaal rapport : SINPO 54445

Details van jullie programma :


13:31 utc muziek van Santana

13:39 utc muziek van Boris

13;53 utc muziek van Sharif Dean

14:17 utc muziek van Lost Frequencies


Mijn receiver : Tecsun 990 x

Antenne : GA 450 loop


Hartelijke groeten en ik hoop op jullie qsl bevestiging ( tnx ! )


Rob den Boer


____    ____    ____

Hi there! 

Great signal and great music tonight! You are booming on 6305 kHz in Milano, Italy ! 

Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping the shortwaves alive.



____    ____    ____

To radio Monique,


Heard you last sunday evening (27-2) on 6325 khz with a signal of 3.5 on a scale from 0 to 5. Sinpo 35333.

For reception I use a Tecsun2000 with 40 meter longwire in the attick.

From other people in a Shortwaveapp I heard you are situated in Velsen NL witch is near my location. When I am on the beach I can see the Hoogovens.


It was a surprising mix of music and propaganda in favour of the Ukraine presently being invaded by the russian army.

Looking at the cold war era not the USA but Russia and China have to be considered to be the most imperialist in their behaviour.


I was in the Ukraine in october last year and saw the memorials of the great famine (1931-1932) leading to millions of dead people and the killing of people during th Maydan demonstrations in 2014. Ukrainian people have experienced life under russian rule and hate it.


I made some audio clips. On the video clip you can see freq, signal strength and hear the station name.

-1 Recording started 18:09 central european time. Music from the Simple Minds: Alive and kicking followed by Waterfront

-2 start 18:18 CET

-4 start 18:26 CET


Kind regards,


Kees Swaagman


____    ____    ____

nice show good signal here in S-Finland heard you via Kiwi SDR in Iitti 40 kms from Lahti where I live using double KAZ antenna! Sound clip

Record request

Otto Brandenburg tnx


Kari Kallio Lahti Finland

btw I haven´t yet your QSL! :)


Greeting Radio Monique team!

 My name is Christopher Bagge and I live in Springfield, Massachusetts in the USA. I am writing to report the reception of your September 21,  broadcast on 6280 kilohertz AM in the 48 meter shortwave band. I listened to your program from 2135-2202 UTC. I heard your program of music and DJ talk directly here on the East Coast of North America! I do not use online SDR's. My receiver is a JRC NRD-515 and my antenna is a 43 meter half wave dipole oriented for east-west reception, through an MFJ-949E Versa Tuner II, into a Grove SP-200 Sound Enhancer speaker. Reception was a bit of a challenge, but I was able to ID 2 songs from the show! I would rate the signal as SINPO-24222. I have included a reception report and a recording I made directly to my computer in hopes that it might be of interest to you! If the details of my report are correct, I would be very pleased to receive an email QSL confirmation of my reception. I look forward to your kind reply!


 I am 67 years old and have been a shortwave enthusiast on and off since 1965! I am particularly interested in hearing free radio station on both sides of "The Big Pond" as we call the Atlantic Ocean in the hobby! My first European free radio was Radio Dublin on 6900 AM back in the early 1980's! I still have the QSL and sticker they sent me! I logged a few European free radio stations during that decade, including World Music Radio, Radio Caroline, Voice of Peace, and Weekend Music Radio. I lost interest in shortwave from 1992-2013, when I returned to the hobby in August of that year. There was very little to hear on the bands due to the emergence of the internet, and I was disappointed, until one evening I heard Borderhunter Radio on the 48 meter band! I sent a report and in a few days received a nice reply from the operator. Since then I have heard many free radio stations on both sides of the big pond! 


 I am a Global Moderator on the HF Underground website using the name "Skipmuck". At one time I would log into Ianns' Chatroom, but sadly the XAT site was hacked and personal information was taken, so I haven't been there in a couple of years. I am also a moderator on the Discord "Pirate" Radio chatroom. I simply love pirate radio and now that I am retired, I spend a great deal of time tuning around the bands in search of those elusive free radio signals! I am also a fan of the old Offshore Radio era! I was born in 1955 and remember fondly the early rock and roll days, the "British Invasion", and the "San Francisco" sound. I came of age during the Woodstock era, and continued on into the 70's, 80's, and 90's. I have not followed much of the music in the past 20 years, but there sure have been some good songs during that time span! Below is a copy and paste of my HF Underground posting of my reception. It is not the best, but it is my first reception of Radio Monique! I have also attached a rather poor recording of my reception....I am hoping this is acceptable for a Radio Monique email QSL confirmation! Again, I look forward to your kind reply and hope that all is well on the other side of the Big Pond! Best regards,

Christopher Bagge (aka Skipmuck)

Springfield, Massachusetts 


____      _____          _____

Beste Radio Monique,


Ik heb je station ontvangen op de kortegolf.Ik hoop dat je geïnteresseerd bent in het volgende ontvangstrapport.


Datum: 25/07/2023

Tijd: 18.30 - 19.33 UTC

Frekwentie: 6300 kHz.


18.30 UTC Instrumental"Crunchy Granola Suite"(Percy Faith Orchestra).

18.32 UTC ID"Radio Monique International"- instrumental.

18.33 UTC "Special broadcast of Radio Monique International ''-' 'We're gonna have a lot of fun today' '.

18.34 UTC song ''We love the pirate stations"(Roarin' 60's). This record was special for "Pluto".

18.37 UTC Bart Steeman presenteerde het programma,was in the 80's aan boord van de Ross Revenge.

                  song"Don't you forget about me"(Simple Minds).

18.42 UTC "This is Radio Monique International..hello over the planet".Je gaf je e-mailadres.

18.44 UTC Jingle"This is Monique"(2 maal).-song"She's in love with you"(Suzy Quatro).

18.49 UTC ID gevolgd door een instrumental.

18.50 UTC song"My Sharona"(The Knack).

18.54 UTC ID gevolgd door de uitspraak"Zoutwater Sound"-onbekende song van een zangeres.

18.59 UTC ID gevolgd door je email adres.Er werd ook gevraagd naar ontvangstrapporten.

19.01 UTC Instrumental"Man of Action"(Les Reed Orchestra).

19.04 UTC ID - song"The seeds of love"(Tears for Fears).

19.09 UTC Instrumental.

19.13 UTC song"The Happy Happy People"(Yazoo).

19.16 UTC Radio Caroline werd vernoemd.

19.17 UTC Kort gesprek over mensen uit Belarus en Rusland: "People want to be free.." "People of Goodwill".

19.18 UTC song"One Vision"(Queen).

19.22 UTC "This is Radio Monique with a live transmission" -song"Do you think I'm sexy"(Rod Stewart).

19.27 UTC Je vermelde dat je per trein naar Andalusië bent geweest,niet per vliegtuig.

19.28 UTC song"Tonight I am yours"(Rod Stewart).

19.32 UTC "Thank you all for listening to Radio Monique International"-Instrumental.

19.33 UTC ID"RMI is responsible...transmission..we are leaving now the air..thank you"-Thank you all,..hear you again"-

                  Je programma eindigde met het geluid van "zeemeeuwen".

Ontvangstkwaliteit in SINPO code: 3 5 3 3 3 

Ontvanger en antenne: Mijn ontvanger is een communicatie ontvanger van Kenwood Type R5000.Als antenne gebruikte ik een draadantenne met een lengte van 38 meter,op een hoogte van 7 meter.

Ik heb heel erg genoten van je programma,fantastische muziekkeuze en natuurlijk nostalgie naar de zeezenders.

Mijn naam is Etienne,ben 67 jaar en ongehuwd.Ik ben met pensioen,voorheen werkzaam als magazijnbediende in een firma die koelmeubels plaatst in voornamelijk warenhuizen.Ik ben woonachtig in Sint-Niklaas,in het Noorden van Belgie op 16 km van het Zeeuwse Hulst.Naast radio beluisteren ga ik ook fietsen,wandelen,tuinier ik(groenten en planten).Ik doe ook aan vrij-

willigerswerk oa. boodschappen doen voor ouderen,hond uitlaten,gras afrijden,allerlei klusjes,enz.

Kan je aub mijn rapport nazien met je logboek,en indien het correct is verifieren met je e-mail QSL.


Hartelijke groeten en dank bij voorbaat,


Etienne Sertyn



____      _____          _____

Hi there.


I'm Xaver and I'm listening to your Broadcast on 6290,0 kHz via WebSDR Twente. 


The music you play is very very good.


Can you also play "Pulstar" by Hypnosis. 


Havn't heard this musicpiece since a long time...


So best wishes and 73 of Xaver from Gräfelfing, Upper Bavaria in Germany

____    ____    ____

Broadcaster: Radio Monique International

Listening date: 31 July 

Listening time: 14:35 to 15:29 UTC time

Frequency: 6240 KHz

SINPO: 44444

Listening Place: Valladolid (Spain) Via KiwiSDR Cassine, Italy

Receiver used: KiwiSDR Cassine, Italy

Antenna used: Windom (Up to 80 mt)

Details of the program listened to:

. 14:35 UTC Song “I Can’t stand the rain” (Tina Turner)

. 14:39 Song “Sex bomb” (Tom Jones & Mousse T.)

. 14:45 Song “Africa” (Toto)

. 14:51 Song “We are the world” (USA for Africa)

. 15:95 Song “Campfire” (Satellite Stories)

. 15:08 Song “Young Detectives” (Satellite Stories)

. 15:14 Song “Kingston town” (UB40)

. 15:19 Song “Big fat spiritual” (Andre Brasseur)

. 15:21 Song “Pride (In the name of love)” (U2)

. 15:27 Farewell jingle

. 15:29 Closing of broadcast 


For more information about my listening you can listen to the audio in Dropbox:


My collection of microphone windshields

Sender: Juan Carlos Pérez Montero

                                                                   Fidel Valladolid

                                                                                Spain (Europe)

______      ______      ______

_____     _____     _____


Date: November 21, 
Time UTC: 16.30-17.34 (close down)
Frequency: 6280 kHz
SINPO: 45344-35333* / video clip of the reception –
*strong atmospheric noise
Receiver: R-250M2 (old Soviet military tube)
Antenna: LW 20 m outdoor (6-10 m above ground level)
Location: Saint-Petersburg (inside city), Russia
Monitor: Konstantin Barsenkov
QSL-card will be much appreciated & thanks in advance!
Radio Monique in my blog:
~St.Petersburg, Russia~
_TAKE SAFE & 73!_



I´m beginning to become a fan of your very cool station. Listening in
loc. JO30ds using a fan dipole (80/60/40/30/20m ham bands) and a Perseus

Your signal is SINPO 4 4 4 4 4, really very good quality here in the
very western germany. I´m just starting to listen all those new free
radio stations and I´m pleased to see such a vital scene.

Programme details:

13:10 UTC: "The Lady Don´t Mind" - Talking Heads

13:14 UTC: "Berlin" - Fischer-Z

13:26 UTC: "Do You Wanna Hold Me" - Bow Wow Wow

13:34 UTC: "D.I.S.C.O" - Ottawan

13:40 UTC: "My Best Friend´s Girl" - The Cars

13:44 UTC: some other station tuning around 6290 kHz

13:47 UTC: "AMERIKA" - Rammstein

The songs have been identified using the "Soundhound" app.

I´m very keen on hearing about the technical background of your TX. Off
course, an E-QSL would be very appreciated here.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Best 73 de Chris (DM5CS)




Last night I heard your station Radio Monique International on shortwave here in Germany and this is my reception report.


Date : 21st September 

Time : 20:40 - 21:05 UTC

Frequency : 6280 kHz

SINPO : 45444



20:40 The Rah Band : "Clouds across the moon"

20:44 Announcement by male speaker

20:47 Pop-Song by female vocalist 

20:50 Electronic Music "This is Freedom"

20:54 Instrumental Music

20:56 Announcement and Transmitter Noise

20:58 Rock-Song by Talking Heads


Radio : world receiver "Tecsun S-2000" with rotatable antenna


Please confirm my reception report by your QSL-card or verification letter (eQSL). Thank you.




Klaus-Peter Hilger



______        _______       _____

Hi there. In response on your talking on Radio Monique international about the spy stations;


I found interesting news about XPA2. This was the numbers station, which uses tones instead of numbers. 


The listeners group "" found out, that this transmissions have a fixed scheme.


Look here:


The older station, which is very similar to XPA2 is XPA1. This station is also active, but not so much, like XPA2.


Details about XPA1 can be found here: has a lot of information about these "new" numbers stations. I think the spies will use these digital versions more and more in the future. 


Until next time!





____      _____       ____

_____         _____           ______

                  16h20tu RADIO MONIQUE

On 6300 khz – SIO 322– fair réception

 Varied program :  good music

I hope that my listening report will be useful to you

To judge the reception  in France in the Britanny région.

I would be eager to receive confirmation of my listening

Thank you in advance.

Receive : R 108 RADIWOW – antenna :  Fouet 1m






C’est avec grand plaisir que je vous ai écouté ! Excellent programme musical.

Veuillez trouver ci-dessous un rapport d’écoute :

Radio Monique International on 6300 khz le 30/10/ -  SINPO : 55444
Détail :
16 .06 TU : « Scralett O’Hara »
16.08 : The Ventures
16.09 : «Terrahawks »
16.13 : « All I need is U » Jolie
16.19 : Billy Joel « Piano Man »
16.23 : « Radar Love »
16.35 : « People »
16.42 : « Non je ne regrette rien » Edith Piaf : Thank you !!!
16.46 : The Doors « Light My Fire »
16,46 : The Who

Ecoute avec :

Rx : SDRplay RSPdx – SDRUno – Antenna : MLA30
QTH : Le Saulcy (France 88) – Vosges

Merci d’avance de me confirmer par eQSL détaillée.
Et encore MERCI pour la dédicace.
Joël (Jo on the Chat).

Adresse :
10 Impasse de la Forge 88210 LE SAULCY


Good evening and greetings to the Netherlands,

I was just tuning once again my recently repaired old valve radio, which was built in 1972 (Telefunken Concertino) for testing purposes on shortwave and luckily I picked up Your station on the 49m-band (est. 6300 KHz), where You were transmitting a multilangual programm with very nice oldie pop music.

I am a fan of pirate stations since decades and love listening to them, wherever and whenever possible. Great stuff!! I also looked onto Your webside and loved especially the photos from the Ross Revenge, as well as all the reports from allover the world and recordings.

The reception quality here in Kaarst, Germany, was very good. As mentioned I used my old Telefunken Concertino with an active antenne DX-500, about 30 meters above ground and an antenna tuner Mizuho AT-200.

The quality of reception in details was:

Date 30.10.                              16.34 UTC- 17.08 UTC

Sound                           4

Interference               4

Noise                           3

Fading                         4

Overall                       4

Here are some programm-details, which I picked up:

16.34 UTC         pop music, a. o. "Light my fire", followed by Your station ID ansd listener greetings; a. o. to a Alex, Kees, Alexander, Claudio; followed by pop music "The WHO - Substitute"

16.59 UTC        Station Id, with details about Your homepage and E-Mailadress; information about the close down; announcement "Make love, not war"; intervall signal

I would be very grateful, if You could check my report and send me an e-QSL in return, in case it is correct.

Keep on transmitting.


73 Willi

Willi Rauschenberg

Habichtweg 2

D-41564 Kaarst


____      ______    ___

Hello Radio Monique,


I am listening outdoors here in UK. Strong signal, enjoying the show. 




Mad Radio DXer.

____         ______             ____

Hoi Bart,

hier ein Link zu einem Videomitschnitt der Sendung von gestern:

und im Anhang mein Bericht.

Beste Grüße aus Bernburg, auch von meiner Dame

Bleib Gesund


______      _______     ______

I heard you yesterday, 26th February 2023 from 16.30 to

 17.00utc on 6260 kHz. Reception was good with a SINPO

 of 45444. Frequency was clear of any interference with

 just some slight noise and fading at times.


heard you on my Eton satellit 750 receiver with telescopic whip antenna, at my home in the small town of Padiham in the county of Lancashire in the northwest of England.


Soon after I tuning in you featured a music track with heavy drum beats followed by a song from, I think, Kylie Minogue. Later at 16.45utc ABBA was heard with Voulez-Vous after which you spoke a little about the EU helping Ukraine and at 16.55utc there was a special request for a Dutch song.


It is always good to hear you helping to keep the sound of free radio alive. However, it was a shame that I was not able to stay tuned after 17.00utc due to other commitments hence the reason this report is a little late in being sent.


Once again, I hope my latest report is of interest and I would be grateful if you are able to spare the time to verify again by an e-qsl.


Many thanks




Allen Dean

250 Burnley Road



BB12 8SS


_____         _________       ______

FRANCE     Hello Radio Monique International.


I heard your station on shortwave 6275 kHz saturday.

Unfortunately your station closed down only a few minutes later, around 17.30 UTC/18.30 CET.


I live in an apartment in Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark, and I have no room for an external antenna.


With my small XHDATA D-808 radio (see JPG-file) and the build-in telescopic antenna it was possible to hear your station with weak to fair signal - as you can hear on the included MP3-audiofile of the reception. SINPO: 2-33333.


I heard the DJ mentioned the e-mail-address  and said "we'reeaving the airwaves...thank you for listening and good bye. Loving awarenes is free and so are we".


Some facts about me: I'm 58 years old, live in Aalborg with my wife and our son. I work as journalist at a local newspaper.

I have been DXing/listening to foreign radiostations since 1979 and collect QSL-cards from the stations I hear. If possible - and you can recognize the few details in this receptionreport - I would be glad to receive an eQSL/mail confirming my reception of Radio Monique mentioning time, date, frequency, power etc. And perhaps some more information about your station.


I hope to hear Radio Monique again. Keep up the good work.


Best wishes and 73's from Peter Witten, Aalborg, Denmark


Provenance : Courrier pour Windows 10

Good reception this afternoon on 6330 (43333).I’m using a tecsun pl 990x and a 6m outdoor antenna and I live near Cannes in the South east of France.





  at 13h45tu Radio MONIQUE

On 6285 khz – SIO 423 –good reception


I hope that my listening report will be useful to you

To judge the reception  in France in the Britanny région.

I would be eager to receive confirmation of my listening

Thank you in advance.

Receive : XHDATA D808 – antenna : whip/fouet







--------------------             ---------


hallo radio monique,

heard ur signal. 

time: 11.55 mez

qrg: 6285 khz

signal: s9+10db  r3

my loc: bonn in duitsland

good modulation

tnx for ur radio



---                    -------                  ---

The Program I listened to was:2244 UTC Pirates for peace spot 2245 UTC Yl talking too much echo to make out2246 UTC song "Imagine" 2247 UTC OM talking then said the voice of peace"2248 UTC OM talking ID We are the voice of Peace x3 2248 UTC Pirates for peace spot"2249 UTC OM You are listening to a free radio station 2250 UTC OM We are the voice of peace then the song "War"2252 UTC OM We are a free radio station & the website for pirates for peace2253 UTC the Pirates for peace song
2254 UTC YL & Om speaking about the Pirates for peace movement then the ID The Voice of Peace
2256 UTC OM This is the Pirate for Peace Radio Show. 2257 OM gave out the address Radio Monique @ hot mail com
2259 ID Radio Monique International

SINPO 5/5/5/5/5 via NW Ireland SDR using Shazam to ID all songs.

I’m a low power free radio station owner that broadcast 24/7 on AM and the World Wide Web. We also broadcast on the shortwave band under a different name lol. I really love your music selection,

If you find this report correct can you please verify it with a E-QSL card or letter? Our email is Thank you in advance Tim

-----            -------               -------

Beste Radio Monique International,

Met veel genoegen deel ik mee dat ik Radio Monique International heb kunnen ontvangen.

De ontvangst was op een frequentie van 6285 kHz

 op het tijdstip van 15:39 UTC of 16:39 Ned. tijd


Ik hoorde Radio Monique International met:

1539 Protest song en identificatie in het Engels

1541 email adres van Monique

1542 Electronic muziek

1545 Ende uitzending


Ontvangst kwaliteit SINPO-code: 45333 goed signaal, maar met fading.


Mijn ontvanger is een Alinco DX-R8 met een mini-whip  antenne op 4 meter hoogte.

Mijn ontvangst locatie is in de Belgische Ardennen.


Graag zou ik een ontvangst QSL verificatie van Radio Monique International ontvangen.


Alvast bedankt en veel plezier met de radio.



Ge Huijbens

Rue des Chênes 11

6987 Beffe



--------                       --------               -------


Dear Sir,
It is with great pleasure that I report reception of your broadcasting
station as follows;

Station: Radio Monique International
Frequency: 6280kHz

Time: 16:26 -- 16:55  UTC
Language broadcast: English
Receiver: Kiwi SDR Receiver in Greiswald, Germany
Antenna: Vertical 8.5m
Reception site: PC in Tokyo same place as following address
Condition: SINPO - 35333
Interference: no

Details of your programs providing that I really heard your station;

Time   Program details
16:26  Music) "River Deep, Mountain High"
16:28  Short talk including station identification by a man.
       "Radio Monique International"
       Station jingle
       Music "Owner of a Lonely Heart"
16:33  A message in Russian by an woman.
       mentioned "democratic, propaganda, svaboda.."
       An e-mail address was given
16:36  Station identification
       Music) "Alive and Kicking"
16:42  Time announcement
       E-mail address was given.
       Free radio chat info, over a music.
16:44  Station identification
       nice station jingle
       "We Shall Overcome" from Radio RTN
       Station jingle
16:50  Music) "Radio Silence"
16:55  Ending announcement

My impressions of your programs;
Here in Japan, It is very impossible to catch your shortwave signal.
So I listened to you via SDR receiver in Germany.
Your signal was strong enough to listen.
I'll attach a screenshot of the SDR.
I enjoyed variety of music in your program.
But it was the first time to listen to most of them.
Of course, I don't know those titles, so I checked the music by "Shazam"
and I found the title of some music.
And I could describe those to prove my reception of you.

If the details in this report are found to correspond with your station log,
I would appreciate very much to receive your verification card or a letter.
Such a document would also serve as a nice remembrance of contact with your
I trust that this report will be useful to your technical department.
I had sent a reception report dated 27,December,2020,but I couldn't get any
response from you.
This time I'm looking forward to any reply in near future.

Yours sincerely,

Address: Mejirodai chome  Hachioji-city  Tokyo, 193-0833  JAPAN
E-mail: takuji.sahara@

                   ----            ----__

Hi. Good reception in southern England on a WW2 receiver and a home made regenerative receiver! 

Mike, in Worthing, England


nice reception in Finland and here is my

record request --- Lotta Engberg


br Kari Kallio Lahti Finland

-----       ------    

Dear Radio Monique International

I would like to report the reception of the Radio Monique International
in the
central part of Poland, 80km south-west of Warsaw

Date:  March 27        UTC: 16:11    Receiver: SDRPlay RSP1A
Antenna: INV-V 2x19m

Frequency:    6285 kHz      SINPO: 45444

Program details:

16:11 UTC - The Romantics - What i love about you

16:14 UTC - Man talking about vaccines (mostly about AstraZeneca)

16:26 UTC - The Blues Brothers song

16:28 UTC - email adress given

16:28 UTC - greetings for Achim from Berlin

16:29 UTC - "Radio Monique International"

16:30 UTC - Kingdom Come - God doesn't sing our song

Listener: Przemyslaw Zoladek

Listened at: Dabrowa  Odrzywol, Poland

All the best, greetings from Poland

Przemyslaw Zoladek

----            -------                  ----------

Hi you can find a report on your signal today on my website blog at


I hope you find it useful,


Glenn (UK)

48 Clifford Ave, Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury GL20 7RW, United Kingdom



I file video-li mando appena si caricano,purtroppo ci tengono parecchio tempo,scusa,ciao



Buonasera,o buongiorno. Sono un radioascoltatore italiano di 65 anni ,EX ,  , ora in pensione,sposato,ho 2 figlie,una di 26 anni e l'altra di 24 anni. Da circa 23 anni ascolto quello che riesco e quello che posso da 0 a 30 MHz . Abito a San Pellegrino Terme ,provincia Bergamo.Il mio QTH è a 800 metri di altitudine,mentre il paese di San Pellegrino Terme è a 358 metri di altitudine

Purtroppo sono ignorante in lingue straniere e conosco poche delle musiche trasmesse.

Per Questo uso GOOGLE traduttore e allego file audio,per dimostrare i miei ascolti.Le registrazioni sono effettuate con TEL. Cell. le cui specifiche sono elencate nel rapporto di ascolto.

Da buon radioascoltatore colleziono QSL di qualsiasi tipo , che pubblico su facebook.- Spero in una vostra cortese risposta , ringrazio dell'attenzione e saluto cordialmente. Ciao Ciao Franco Baroni


Good evening, or good morning. I am a 65 year old Italian radio listener, EX, Cook by profession, now retired, married, I have 2 daughters, one is 26 and the other is 24. For about 23 years I have been listening to what I can and what I can from 0 to 30 MHz. I live in San Pellegrino Terme, Bergamo province, my QTH is 800 meters above sea level, while the town of San Pellegrino Terme is 358 meters above sea level
Unfortunately I am ignorant of foreign languages ​​and I know few of the music transmitted.
For this I use GOOGLE translator and attach audio files, to demonstrate my listening. The recordings are made with a Tel. CELL. placed about 25 centimeters from the external speaker of the receiver, whose specifications are listed in the listening report.ON AIR now ciao
As a good radio listener I collect QSL cards of any kind, which I publish on facebook.-https: // Id = 100015787323721 I hope for your kind reply, thank you for your attention and cordially greet you. Bye Bye Franco Baroni


Dear team of Radio Monique,


with this I send you my reception report about your transmission

from 20th. february .

It was a pleasure to receive your programm.

I hope to get an e-QSL-Card from your station.


Yours sincerely and 73


Heiko Harry Hacker, Germany


Hi you can find a report on your signal today on my website blog at


I hope you find it useful,


Glenn (UK)

48 Clifford Ave, Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury GL20 7RW, United Kingdom



This is the 2 video files(1+1 min) of my reception Radio Monique 27.02 at 6290 khz at 16.55-17.00 UTC


SINPO: 2 4 2 3 2 

RX: Tecsun S-2000

ANT: Long wire 41m

QTH: Starobin, Belarus

Distance:  1500 km




Alex from Belarus




Zondag 25/10 17u op 6325khz heb ik jullie goed ontvangen met fading S5 tot S9+10 en goede audio.

Met de muziek van onder ander Suzie Quatro, Abba, U2.


Ontvangen met de ICOM 756 pro3 - Antenne end fed 




Johan Vande Putte

9700 Oudenaarde


                    -----                 ------


i've listen your station on 6260 kHz .

ID : Radio monique international.

Signoff at 17.23 UTC 07/05

Great signal in Italy: SINPO 54555- very strong Music and two ID at 17.20 UTC

RX: SDRPLAY RSPdx and DIpole for 40 meter band.

THX Marco Givonetti - Biella- Piedmont - Italy

   -----   ---------------------




Gerald Ceska

Piave-Street 60

I-39012 Meran (BZ) Italy


Amateur-Radio IN3PGD    



Radio Monique



I send you a reception report


Time UTC

Frequency kHz







Technical Note:
































Program Details:    15:36 UTC   Song Rammstein  “Deutschland“     


 please send something from Sabaton


 Receiver:            SDR-Perseus + Icom IC-R8500

Antenna:            14 meters long wire with a balun 9:1  +  antenna-splitter 1:2


Thanks in advance for an E-QSL or QSL-Card

With best regards! Gerald


Hi Radio Monique,
Good to hear you on the air this afternoon on 6290KHz in north
Worcestershire, England. I'm
using a SDR RTL dongle & HD-SDR software for shortwave reception
plugged into a G5RV antenna.
Your signal peaked at S9 with periodic fading. I heard your station
announcement & station jingle ID at around 16.55 GMT, and then you
played 'The Bee Gees - Run to me' & then transmission ended.

Keep up the good work.
73s Ken.


Dear Sirs,

I was very pleased to listen to Radio Monique International on the frequency of 6290 kHz. 

Thank you for the nice music I was able to hear!

If the data I provide are correct, please, I kindly ask you to confirm with your QSL card.

Looking forward to your reply, thank you in advance.

Take care of your health!

Sincerely yours

Giuliano Petrarulo



Via Ceresio 8

6900 Massagno




February 7,  at 14h15tu  RADIO MONIQUE

On 6290 khz –SI0 433 réception good

Musics various,

I hope that my listening report will be useful to you

To judge the reception  in France in the Britanny région.

I would be eager to receive confirmation of my listening

Thank you in advance.

Receive : XHDATA D808 – antenna : fouet 1,50m








Hi Video can be seen here.




Hello Radio Friends,

I was very Happy this afternoon Saturday 16 to receive R.Monique
in NorthEast France your Broadcast at 13H30 UTC of 6330 Khz in English
language with good signal S7 to S9 SINFO 43434 very good music

Audio extract for you. To is possible to confirm this reception report
is for my QSL collection, many thanks.

My receiver is one ICOM IC.7300 with external vertical antenne 7meters
from Ground.

Bests regards to Monique Team




Hello Radio Monique Team,


i am listening to your great station on Shortwave.

After  an italian music  hit now I am listening to Radio Gaga by Queen.


Would you play this song for me ? :  „Amsterdam“ by Cora


The reception  with my SDRplay RSP2pro and MLA-30 Loop antenna (-;  

 here is moderate with some fading and noise )-; but hearable.


73 from Hamnburg in Germany,


Dieter Grundt 

Thank you for the e-qsl received in reply to my reception report back in September 2022.


I hope that the following report will also be of some interest:


I heard you yesterday, 26th February 2023 from 16.30 to 17.00utc on 6260 kHz. Reception was good with a SINPO of 45444. Frequency was clear of any interference with just some slight noise and fading at times.


heard you on my Eton satellit 750 receiver with telescopic whip antenna, at my home in the small town of Padiham in the county of Lancashire in the northwest of England.


Soon after I tuning in you featured a music track with heavy drum beats followed by a song from, I think, Kylie Minogue. Later at 16.45utc ABBA was heard with Voulez-Vous after which you spoke a little about the EU helping Ukraine and at 16.55utc there was a special request for a Dutch song.


It is always good to hear you helping to keep the sound of free radio alive. However, it was a shame that I was not able to stay tuned after 17.00utc due to other commitments hence the reason this report is a little late in being sent.


Once again, I hope my latest report is of interest and I would be grateful if you are able to spare the time to verify again by an e-qsl.


Many thanks




Allen Dean





Hi. Good reception in southern England on a WW2 receiver and a home made regenerative receiver! 

Mike, in Worthing, England


Reception Report


My name is Steffen Werner and I’m 44 years old.Since nearly 25 years I’m listening to foreign stations on shortwave and „Free Radio“ is the most exciting part of this hobby in my opinion.This time I found you and want to show it with the following details:

Date: 29th November  Time UTC: 15.38-16.06 Frequency: 6285 kHz

SINPO: 34333 Technical details: good signal disturbed by fading and rustling

Programme details:

15.38 identification as “Radio Monique International” by a man mentioning Status Quo and

computer problems,short piece of music and announcement “Turn it louder”

15.40 music (man in English)

15.43 announcement in English by a man mentioning followed by

music (man in English)

15.45 announcement in Dutch by a man including identification as “Radio Monique Inter-

national” and “We are totally back” followed by music (woman in English)

15.54 announcement in English by a man including “I hope you like it” and “Send an Email”

mentioning Tears for Fears “made some wonderful songs like this one” followed by

music (Tears for Fears “Shout”)

16.02 identification “Radio Monique” by a jingle followed by music (man in English)

16.06 signal lost/disappeared

I hope this is enough to show that I heard your station with my Grundig Yacht Boy 500 and telescope antenna in Heppenheim,situated 50 km southwestern of Frankfurt/Main.It would be great to get a verification for this report by Email.

Thanks in advance



Hoi Bart

Firstly, I’m Sorry for the delay in sending you my reception report, I have an mp3 ready and waiting for you to download at, please will you confirm my reception of your 6330 KHz frequency at 14.38 GMT.


Download from Here:


My RX is: Airspy HF + Discovery, with SDR Console version 3.0.25 software and an ancient  Wellbrook ALA-1530 loop antenna mounted on a scaffold tube at four metres.

Please QSL?

Thank you

All the very best 


QTH: Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Sent from my iPad


Dear Madam, dear Sir,


This afternoon, Sunday November 29th , from Brussels, I had the great pleasure to discover and to listen to Radio Monique International on shortwave 6285 kHz. I enjoyed listening the music.  Please find below my reception report that spans the time 15:39 - 16:00 UTC; from this report you can see that the quality of the transmission was fair. Note that as from 15:59 UTC, the station became unusable.


Reception report:


Reception Area

Brussels (Belgium)

50°50'37" N

  4°27'54" E


Broadcast details:

Station: Radio Monique International

Date: November 29th 

Hour in UTC: 15:39 - 16:00

Hour in Belgium:  16:39 - 17:00

Frequency: 6285 kHz

Language: English (and a little Dutch)



Sony ICF SW55

Antenna: external, wire of 20 meters long


Reception description

From 15:39 till 15:59, expressed in SINPO code: 4 5 3 3 3

- Signal strength : good

- Interference : none

- Noise : moderate

- Propagation condition: moderate

- Overall rating: fair

From 15:59 till 16:00, unusable


Content of the broadcast:

UTC  (approximate)

15 :39    Station announcement « Radio Monique International »

15 :40   Song: “No Mercy” (The Strangers)

15:44     Speaker intervention

                Song: “Take me to the river” (Talking Heads)

15:49     Speaker intervention (in Dutch)

15:50     Song: “Bend me shape me” (Gilla)

15:54     Speaker intervention

15:55     Song: “Shout” (Tears for fears)

15:59     *** station unusable ***



May I kindly ask to confirm my reception report by sending a verification letter or QSL card (if possible with the station name and location) on my following postal address:


André De Block   

Drève du bonheur 16

BE-1150    Brussels



Thanks a lot in advance.


Greetings from Belgium.


André De Block. 



again nice reception in Stolberg, near the city of Aachen (Aken) on 6285
kHz. SINPO is 4 4 4 4 4.

RF is a Lowe HF150, antenna is dipole 2x15 m.

Love your programme and - yes - I already smell the salty water :-)

Best wishes to the Ross Revenge, stay safe stay healthy and please play
the Undertones "The Girls don´t like it"

Please eqsl, your card is desperatly wanted here :-)

Cheers, Chris



November 21,  at 17h00tu RADIO MONIQUE INT

On 6280 khz –SINPO   44233 réception average

Music, diverses,

I hope that my listening report will be useful to you

To judge the reception  in France in the Britanny région.

I would be eager to receive confirmation of my listening

Thank you in advance.

Receive : XHDATA D808 – antenna : whip at loop











Here is my SWL report to you.


In middle Russia I can only copy your place in the air on my SDR Airspy HF+ Discovery, only track

But via Holland SDR in Twente you sound really good!

Station Radio Monique

Date November 15, 

Time UTC 12.45 - 13.10

Frequency 6285 kHz

Receiver  SDR Airspy and Web SDR (in Twente)

Antenna VHF yagi (good work on HF)

Location Yoshkar-Ola Russia


Thank you for nice music!


73, Alexey Plotnikov, Russia


51°1’ 56”N – 2°40’36”E


To: Radio Monique       





I just heard the last 5 minutes of your test on 6300khz. I was using a Yaesu FT2000 transceiver and a 40 metre half wave dipole and yor signal strength was 59+ or SINPO 55555 all the way. The last tune was Get On Up. I would have gone upstairs & listened on my portable if you had not gone off air at 11:00 GMT or 12:00 local time.


                 Good luck with the station


                      Martin Davies,  Welshpool, Wales



Bo Hellman

S-59174 Borensberg


Mobile +46 73

Dear Sir,
I am interested in listening to AM radio stations, so I was very pleased to be able to hear your station
Radio Monique Int. on my radio. I am using a SDR receiver model SDRplay RSPdx and a loop antenna ALA-100 from Wellbrook Com. Sometimes I also use my old JRC NRD525G receiver.

I am living in a small village in the south of Sweden not far from the city of Linkoping. I hope this letter will be of interest for you. Here are some data regarding my reception of your transmission.

Listening date: Sunday 1st of November 2020

Time: 15:53 – 16:00 UTC
Frequency: 6285kHz

SINPO: 34323

Programme details see below
Time UTC:
15:53 Radio Monique announcement: We will soon close down the transmission.
15:54 Elvis Presley sings “Suspicious Minds”
15:58 “Close down” is mentioned in different languages
Jingle music “Radio Monique International”
16:00 Final words: “Is it off…” then the transmission was closed down

As I hope the information given in this report corresponds with your station log I would appreciate very much to get an e-mail with your QSL card or a letter (e-mail) verifying that I have heard your radio station.
A QSL by ordinary mail would of course be most appreciated.

Such verification would also be a nice remembrance of this contact with your station.
Yours sincerely,
Bo Hellman


You are being received in Central Scotland 559,keep up the good work



From: Hugo Matten






Hello Monique crew,


I have much pleasure in informing you that I heard your stati­on on short wave  and I hope you will be intere­sted in the following detailed listeners reports :

·         To: Radio Monique

·         DATE: October 11, 

·         TIME:  15.24 – 16.00UTC

·         FREQUENCY: 6285 kHz


             Signal strength: 4

             Interference: 5

             Noise: 4

             Propagation disturbance: 3

             Overall merit : 3

From 15.40 to 15.50 I noted sinpo: 3- 2- 2/3 -3-2/3! I think then there was interference from a utility station on the same frequency!


  •        MY RECEIVER:  Perseus SDR
  •        ANTENNA:  Dipole 22.8 m long, 10 metre high

I heard a program presented by Bart Steeman:

At 15.24: “The song of joy”

At 15.33 the song “Celebration” van Kool & The Gang.

At 15.45 “I Got you Babe” from Sonny  & Cher.

At 15.56  The end of the show whit “ Man of action” from Les Reed.

In the attachment  is a short mp3 audio file. It’s a recording with some fragments from during the broadcast. You will also hear between 1’47 seconds and 3’ in the recording how the reception was during the broadcasts/interference of the (I think) utility station! It has an idea how the reception was here!


I'm 67 years old and I live in little village near Veur­ne, Belgium that’s about 10 Km from the France frontier and 10 Km from the North Sea coast. I am on pension and I am dx-er since 1978! More information of my hobby of radio listening can be found on my personal blog:


It was the first time I heard Radio Monique on the (Free) shortwave band! I am happy with my catch!

I heard good music… is ideal as a background during my activity in the shack hi! I like this genre!

I still remember very well the broadcasts of Radio Monique from the free North Sea. Nice time then!

I think I have read somewhere that Radio Monique will soon also be on medium wave. I will definitely try to hear your station here then ! I have already heard 36 low power stations from the Netherlands of which I also have a QSL!


If this report is found to be correct, I would appreciate it very much if you will send me your QSL- card, letter or just an e-mail with the confirmation that I actually listened to a Radio Monique  broadcast on that frequency, date and time.

If possible, please put my name on the QSL. I would be very happy with that. I find this more personal!


Thanking you in advance for your reply and good luck with this professional-sounding radio station and If you should, at any moment, want more information about reception over here, I will be glad supply it.

I hope to listen next time again to your station on the good old shortwave!.


Greetings from Belgium,


Hugo Matten


Van: Patrick Travers <> 

Verzonden: maandag 5 oktober  10:31
Onderwerp: Reception Report


Hoi Bart and crew

Good to hear you on the air again on the 4 October 2020 at 09.52 UTC on 6285 KHz.

My Radio Monique mp3 recording can be downloaded or listened to at link here:

My RX: Airspy HF+ Discovery with SDR Console version 3.0.25 software.

My antenna is a Wellbrook ALA1530 loop at four metres.

All  the very best Bart

Stay Safe


QTH: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Engeland.


Hello folks!


I had the fortune to listen to your station "Radio Monique"

today 4 October  at 6285 kHz. Between 1037 and 1110 UTC.


I'm located in Bergen, Western Norway using a Icom IC-756 ProIII receiver (well actually a transceiver) and 2 x Dressler ARA-60 active whip antennas (phased together).


Here are the program details (times in UTC):


1037 - ID, Jingle; "Radio Monique"

1038 - Musical Youth; "Pass the Dutchie".

1041 - "My boyfriend is back" by Skyline?

1043 - John Denver; "Take me Home, country Road".

1046 - ID, news; "Trump got Covid-19", ID, email-addr.

1049 - Bronski Beat; "Why?".

1053 - Quotes from email; Italy & Mongolia!


1055 - Cher (?), "Walkin

Gisle Vanem.





Hello Radio Monique,

happy to inform you, that I could hear your signal on 6285 kc shortwave at 04.10 Your signal was readable with SINPO 45444.
Here are some programme details given in UTC time:

11:24   Bob Marley - Kinky Reggae
11:28   Eric Carmen - Hungry eyes

11:34   Roxy Music - Avalon
11:37   Man of Action


To check your signal I enclosed a short audio clip from your signal on mediumwave.

Receiver: ELAD FDM-S2

Antenna 25m EWE antenna 330°
QTH: Engelgau near the luxembourg/belgium border (JO30IL / 50N29 06E40)

Hope to catch you again in future

Wolfgang Rössler (Wolle) 



I had a great pleasure of listening to Your Station Radio Monique in Pyhtää, South coast of Finland, 100 km east from Helsinki.

Frequency: 6260 kHz
Date and Time: May 7,  at 1651-1721 UTC
I saved two short recordings and hope that You can get them opened. Please, find files attached. 
During my visit to Your frequency I identified couple of songs:
"Lucky Lips" by Cliff Richard
"Dreadlock Holiday" by 10CC
"Eyes without a Face" by Billy Idol
"With a Little Help from my Friend" by Joe Cocker

1719 UTC started closing seremonies of wich I have two audio files recorded and attached.

Signal was fairly strong, SINPO 34233

My receiver is modified ICOM IC-R75 and I used Wellbrook ALA 1530LN (Active loop)

If You find this report correct, could You please verify this report by Email or by eQSL 🙂

Have a nice Summer and stay safe!

Best Regards,

Jari Luoma
 Heinlahti, Finland

Andreas Muecklich

Dear friends of Radio Monique.

Yesterday, I have heard the program of Radio Monique on shortwave 6260 kHz for the very first time. The signal strength was good again and it was possible to follow your show. Now I am sending you a reception report and I am hoping it will be useful for you.

Reception report for Radio Monique

Date: September 6th, 2020 time: 15.30 – 16.00 h (UTC) frequency: 6260 kHz SINPO: 35433 receiver: Tecsun PL-660 with telescope antenna

Program details: + announcement web page and email address, + music, song „Forever young“ sung by Rod Stewart, + announcement weather, + music request for The Rolling Stones with „Start me up!“, + announcement email from Austin in Texas, + music, request for Suzi Quatro with „She’s in love with you“, + jingle, + music, song „The things we do for love“ sung by 10CC, + announcement, + music, song „Hazy shade of Winter“ sung by the Bangles, + announcement, + music request for medley of Glenn Miller, + announcement, end of transmission. 

I am hoping the details are correct and you will send me your QSL card.

Best regards from Berlin,

Andreas Muecklich


Hi from Ukraine! I'm Alexander Sidorov, UR1061SWL, Mirne, Zaporoshje region, 72350 Ukraine.  My report to you - Radio MONIQUE, 6260 kHz AM, Date: 06.09.20y., 15 15 UTC pop music, Bananarama, ann and ID, SINPO - 35433, listen program via websdr Lutsk, West Ukraine.  Please, send me QSL card. Thanks!
My address:
Alexander Sidorov, ul. Yushnaya, 3/26, smt. Mirne, Zaporoshje region, 72350, Ukraine.
Good DX and 73!   


I wish to report receiving Radio Monique as follows

17:05 – 17 20
Receiver SDRPlay RSP2 Pro and Icom 781
Freq. 6260
Antenna-  Fan dipole
Location- Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, Ireland
Content- “ I get by with a little help from my friend” plus multiple station Idents
Sig Strength  S9 +20 with shallow QSB. Local QRM
Good Modulation

Would appreciate an email QSL

Kind regards

Karl- EI5DPB

Karl Madden


Roberto Taberna RADIO MONIQUE INTERNATIONAL   Torino Italy   

RECEPTION REPORT ===================   Date 26th April  Time 1031 - 1034 UTC Frequency 6280 kHz Language English Signal SINPO 45433  (good signal: S9+15dB, no interference, moderate fading) 

Receiver Afedri-SDR-Net 3.0 (by 4Z5LV   +  SDR-Radio v3.0 (SDR software 

Antenna T2FD  (22 meter long) 


Programme details   1031 Station identification  "You're tuned to Radio Monique International... Have a nice Sunday and until next time!" 1031-1034 Closing hymn + 2 jingles "Radio Monique International " 

Full mp3 recording is attached to my e-mail. 
                                                           26th april 2020

Dear sir, 

My hobby is a monitoring radio signals on short wave band.and VHF

I received your radio signal since north part of France. 
I hope this receptions reports will be interest to you, 

DATE : 26/04/2020
TIME :  0946Z
DETAILS : . MUSIC PROGRAM -  and little word for the SWLs

Many thanks for your show and ramstein song

If the details in this report cheks with your station record and prove to be correct,
I would be glad to receive your qsl card by email or letter to confirm my reception of your radio signal.






I am lucky to report about reception of Radio Monique International yesterday

morning here in Austria close to Vienna with a good signal on 6285 kHz.



Some notes about myself. I am 58 years of age. My occupation is seller in a shop 

with tools and machines. I was out of work since mid march because of the Corona

virus pandemic. Work restarted on April 14th in a limited form. Since May the

daily work went back to normal.


I am a Radio enthusiast since 1978 and still enjoy it today. 



Now over to my  RECEPTION REPORT   Radio Monique International


Frequency                        :  6285 kHz

Date                                 :  Oktober 4, 

Time                                 :  10:00 - 10:30 UTC

Receiver                           :  Icom IC-R75

Antenna                           :  Wellbrook K9AY Loop in the garden

S Signal strength             :  4 good

I Interference                   :  5 nil

O Overall merit                :  4 good signal, during fading down to 3 fair

Programme details          : 1000 UTC Man of Action * song, full ID given

                                          1001    "   dutch talk and ID

                                          1003    "   Legs * ZZ Top

                                          1007    "   ID, listener in " Köln " mention, jingle

                                          1009    "   Lucky Lipps * Cliff Richard

                                          1012    "   6285 mention, requests, live transmission

                                          1013    "   Hot Legs * Rod Stewart

                                          1018    "   talk on russian dictator - Belarus

                                          1019    "   Penelope * william feat. Clever

                                          1022    "   ID given, talk about Belarus - listen to SW

                                          1023    "   We Are The Champions * Queen

                                          1026    "   Mauro from Italy is listening

                                          1027    "   Blitzkrieg Bop * Ramones

                                          1030 UTC Monitoring end.


If you find the detaisl given in the report correct, please confirm with your

eQSL confirmation. Thank you in advance.


Best regards from Austria.


Hans Pammer

Dorfstr. 26

3382  Roggendorf


                                                         --        -------- 

Monitor Station
Dieter Sommer
P.O. Box 1205
06284 Lutherstadt Eisleben



yaesu FT840
ATS 909
Ant.: T2FD

Hello Radio Monique,

Yesterday i listen with pleasure your broadcast. I listen a nice

programme from your station. I will send you a receptionreport.

Please send your pirate QSL


4/10/20  10.00-12.00 UTC  6285 Khz  SINPO 45343

details: oldie- red lipps... ;  10.11 UTC station identification+jingel

10.15 UTC ..this is RMI-you are listen RMI, words" Belarus "

10.24 music -" we are the champion ", 11.52 UTC music fr. Kathe Bush ?, 11.55 words about JOHNY, modulation, engenier


vy 73 de DL0007SWL  Dieter

Massimo Rossi:


E-Mail :         
Dx’er (Radiolistener) since 1975
Radio Club : Play Dx since 1985
Facebook: “Massimo Rossi”

To:Radio Monique International

Montirone 16 April                           
      Dear friend,
I am fond of international radios. My name is Massimo, I'm 60 years old  and for 45 years I have had a hobby: listening to broadcasting stations from all over the world.
I live in a village ten kilometers south to thr city of Brescia, a city in the north of Italy (100 kilometers East to Milano).
I am writing you this letter in order to communicate you that I have had the chance to listen to your radio and I would be pleased to keep in touch with you and to know better your broadcasting station, your listeners, your culture and your way of living..
I born in the city of Milano in february 1960, but since 1985 for work reason, living in  province of Brescia. Now I have a little firm of trasport of Bancary documents. This activity is very demanding and obliges me to to dedicate myself to my hobbyes only during the weekends.
In this E-Mail You can see a details of my reception, a reception report and I hope You can confirmed with a letter or a  E-QSL Card, if avaliable.
I hope that this report will be interesting for your department.
Anyway I think you will be pride to know that your broadcasting station is listened also by some people who live very far from you and that your fame exceeds every border.

Thank you very much for your attention. I hope I will receive your news soon.
Meanwhile I wish you a good work and see you soon.
A strong hug from your radio listener friend living in the far Italy.

                                 Reception report N°56                                

Dear  Friend,
I  had the great pleasure to receive your Radio Station in  date April 16  in  a program in English  language on frequency of Khz 6275 from 16'46 to 17'21 date and time in CET Time. Modulation AM
For valutation of Your signal I utilize a SINFO Code: 35332 Signal sufficent  without  interference, noise poor, fadind severe and overral merit sufficent    :-)              

Interference from Radio: ----------
Athmospheric conditions: Sun             Propagation conditions: Good for middle distance.

Note: Sufficent signal for heard Your programme in Italy in this day. When the peak of fading is positive... good signal, good modulation. Great music !!!!!!!!!!

Details: Good music and identification in English (Taped).17'15, song of Fun boy three “The tunnel of love. 17'16 song of The ventures “Happy organ” 17'20 Jingle R.Monique int. coral. And end of trasmission at 17'21 (All time in CET To prove that I really listened to your station, I Including  audio file MP3.

For heard your  Programme I utilize a SDR PC Receiver: Airspy HF Dual and home-made  directive coaxial loop antenna with lenght of 8 meters placed on rotor outdoor at 11 meters above the ground.   
My location  is Montirone a village with geographic coordinate is 45° 44’ 37/N – 10° 22’ 46/E, Sea level 80 Metres and inhabit. 5000 with area of 11Km.
If this reception report correspond at Your station log, I’m very happy to receive a confirmation letter or if disponible Your E-QSL Card or a E-Mail. Thank’s in advance for Your attention. Your friend.
On Facebook: “Massimo Rossi”

Massimo Rossi



Hoi Bart

Good to hear you on the air again on the 4 October  at 09.52 UTC on 6285 KHz.

My Radio Monique mp3 recording can be downloaded or listened to at link here:

My RX: Airspy HF+ Discovery with SDR Console version 3.0.25 software.

My antenna is a Wellbrook ALA1530 loop at four metres.

All  the very best Bart

Stay Safe


QTH: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Engeland.


Dear Radio enthusiasts,


for more than 40 years it`s my hobby to listen to remote radio stations on short and medium wave. So I was very pleased to hear Radio Monique.Unfortunately I only catched the last few minutes of your programme, when I tuned in. Nevertheless I decided to sent this reception report. Please find the details of my reception below. My receiving equipment for shortwave-stations is Grundig Satellit 1400 SL shortwave-receiver with telescopic antenna. To verify that it really was your station I heard I made a short recording from the start of your program. Please find a MP3-file appended. This recording will confirm my data.


I would be very happy if you could confirm by your QSL-card or by eQSL that I have heard one of your transmissions.


Thank you in advance for your reply and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Greetings from Northern Germany,


Stephan Kordt




Reception Report





Stephan Kordt

Flensburg, Germany



February, 19, 



1702 – 1708 h UTC


6240 kHz






Satellit 1400 SL telescopic antenna








Pop-Musik in Swedish language „Jeg elsker ...“

announcement by male speaker: heard song, announcement of near close down, good wishes (love and peace, „Be good, be loving, be peaceful“)




Short music, announcement „Thank you all for helping in our transmission“, list of countries, were eMails came from, name of speaker, eMail-adress, good wishes and goodbye




Fanfare „It’s Monique!“, information about website, announcement: „Radio Monique International is responsible for…..responsible radio transmissions!“, Jingle „Radio Monique International“, announcements




Jingle „Radio Monique International“




Have a bath with Karin, close down

----     ----      ----   

Frequency: 6290

Mode: AM
Date: 13th April 
Time: 1500 to 1520 UTC
SINPO: 44444 via Bradford UK sdr
Signal meter: 9+

Program Details:
Mix oldies and pop music. Recording enclosed.
Thanks for the broadcast.

Big Badfish Al ( from Pennsylvania USA

Dear Station

I was most pleased to hear your station '  Radio Monique   ' on the 13/04  13:59 UTC  , (14:45  End of the listening )  on the frequency of 6290 kHz AM.
I heard you on an Yaesu FT-950  radio with Long Wire + balun 9/1 antenna homemade ( 40 m ) .

The Reception Was good . The Signal was   9+5 db  ,small interference on your frequency. , The signal was received with little difficulty, always audible .Nice Music .  SINPO = 33333 .

What type of equipment do you use, transmitter station, antenna, power? So that I can complete my logbook. Thank you in advance .

Could you please check the details of this reception report. If you find them to be correct, could you please send me your e-QSL verification, letting me know if it was indeed these station that I heard ? I would be most pleased to receive this from you. A simple e-mail with some info about your transmitter would be enough.

My name David  , 46 year  . radio hobbyist since 1990. I live in Sarralbe (Locator: JN38MX) a small French town in the Northeast. I particularly enjoy tuning to distant MW and SW stations in France and worldwide.

May your station have continued successes in the future. I look forward to your reply and I send many thanks in advance and Best Wishes from France .


David  (F-21098)

Pirate Chat : David SWL

My Facebook : David SWL                                       


TO Radio: Radio Monique

DATE: 11.10

TIME (UTC): 15.15-15.24

FREQUENCY (kHz): 6285

SINPO: 35333


Antenna: Mini Whip

PROGRAM DETAILS: sound file attached

Мyadel Alexander
Мinsk, Belarus

---------------------------------------------                                           -------------                   -------------
Reception Report from MR AVO Short Wave Listener

To Radio Station ……Radio Mon
Date……13th April ………………………………………………………..
ency……6290 khz…………………………………..


SIMP---                                      -----------------O Report…………33334……………………..

Radio Conditions… …some fading on signal…………………………

My Receiver ……ICOM IC7400……………………………………………………….

Antenna……GM0ONX Inverted L…………………………………………………………….

I very much enjoyed listening to your station and hope my reception report is of use.

I would very much like a QSL Card from your station.

My QTH is located 30 miles North of Cambridge in the small town of Chatteris.

The area I live is very flat and is good for radio reception on all frequencies.

I very much enjoy listening to Short Wave station. But have no plans to transmit. !

73 MR AVO Short Wave Listener aka Andy G6OHM

Thanks                                                    -----------------

Hi guys,

Many thanks for the interesting and prompt response, and I much appreciate it that you assisted me with my hobby!

Had a look at Bart Steeman’s blog, very interesting indeed. Must be an exciting life indeed! As far as getting involved with Pirates for Peace is concerned, I will give it time and let the idea sink a bit more once I’m back in South Africa. I don’t know what expertise you think I have. As far as radio is concerned, my ONLY expertise is DXing, I have no technical knowledge of electronic, electricity etc. I’m an industrial chemist by profession. All I can do is connect as suitable length of antenna wire, switch on the radio and listen 😊 Also I’m still fully involved in my business and there is always shortage of time. I don’t think I have ever had more time for DXing than now, due to the circumstances of course.

I’m glad to hear that Bart has liked South Africa. I’ve lived here for over 50 years now and would really miss it if I ever moved anywhere else. It is a beautiful and fascinating country but it can be also harsh. The people here are very friendly indeed but they can also be quite violent. A bit of an old Wild West!

Anyway, thanks again, and the best wishes with your projects. Hopefully I’ll manage to hear your signal all the way in South Africa one day…

Dear friends,

I am a DXer normally living in Johannesburg, South Africa, and I often visit Czech Republic where I was born. At the moment I am “trapped” in Prague because of the Corona virus, and it will certainly be still a few weeks before it will be possible to fly home. So I decided to do something constructive: i.e. DXing from Prague, and especially to listen to radio stations, such as yours, which I have no chance of hearing in South Africa.

Like most DXers, I collect verifications (QSL’s) of my receptions of stations I have listened to, and I will appreciate it if you can send me yours. I hope my report below will be of some interest to you… I will be also very interested in anything regarding your station. I’m using WinRadio Excalibur Pro receiver with about 40 metre long-wire aerial and I’m located just west of Prague.

Besides the fact that you play my type of music, you might be interested in another observation: your actual sound seems to be way above the standard for hobby / pirate stations. First of all, your signal was stronger than I would expect, and indeed it was stronger here compared to other pirate stations which I noticed on air at the time. And secondly, your audio quality was so much better than the other stations. Obviously you pay a lot of attention to the technical side?

Under the circumstances it will be best if you reply via e-mail. I’ll be looking forward to your response.

Kindest regards,

P.O. Box 338
1716 - Florida Hills


Date:                    5. April, 
Time:                    09h22 – 0944 GMT / UTC
Frequency:        6285 kHz
Signal:                  SINPO = 25433
Programme details:
09h22 – announcements with station ID and a song about radio by Robbie Williams
09h25 – station ID’s and announcements / a chat about the music, about being a DJ since 1985, “stay tuned” etc. (by a man – Steynman?) and “Where the streets have no name” by U2, dedicated to New York
09h32 – a chat about medical help for Italy etc. and a request to play the next song
09h35 – a sung station ID and “American Idiot” by Green Day

09h38 – comments on USA and their president, station ID, address etc., sung station ID and “your host” and a short announcement in German followed bya nice pop song.

You definitely need to keep going, there are so many people stuck at home with nothing to do and pirates on air is a positive thing. I also heard Radio Zona Rossa on air from Italy and IRRS doing the war room pandemic show. So many people are just ignoring it and it needs to be talked about. Keep up the good work !!!  Iain Cameron <>

Sent from my iPhone


I heard your RADIO MONIQUE station on March 21, 
at 16h25tu on the frequency of 6285khz in SINPO 55555
réception : VERY GOOD – topics   musics 
Sangean ATS 909 receiver 
Whip discone antenna AA30 Palstar active antenna
I live in the countryside in Rosporden Bretagne France
I would like  to receive confirmation from your station
by QSL or EQSL
                        ----                                                 -------------------------
Dear Friends ,   My  name  is  Franco  and  I  am  an  italian listener .
 In that  sad  moments really   the Radio help  us  to carry on..
 I  listened  to  your   station   today   from 5.30 till 6 p.m. .
 I appreciated   your list   (   George  Harrison .  Kenny Rogers  , and  We
  shall overcome   )  End  of transmissions  at 6.10 p.m.
 Your   signal   was   very strong   ( just  like a   local station ! ) and
 the    of  your  modulation excellent .  I  include  a  short file...
 I  live  in  Turin (Notrhwest Italy)  near   the   French border.
 My  receiver  is  a  Kenwood  R 5000  and  my  antenna  is a  Long wire
16 mt
 long .
 I  hope   to  listen  soon  on  the  air  !
  I would  be  grateful  to  you  if  you  could  confirm this  reception report . (  even  just  by email)
 Thank You  so much   and Best Whishes   for  Your Transmissions
  Franco Amadio

     Almese  (Torino )  ITALY

Hello guys, just a quick email to let you know that I enjoyed listening to your special Corona virus show today – much appreciated.

I have my 83 year old mother in self isolation due to her age and having suppressed immunity. My wife was on her shift working in Accident & Emergency Department in hospital dealing with Covid-19 patients so I sent them a clip of you playing You’ll Never Walk Alone and it was very much appreciated by both of them and they say thanks very much.
Listened  on 6285 KHz until you closed down at 17:50 UTC – short MP3 attached for you.

Greetings from Scotland and stay safe

73 Iain


Thanks for saying hello to me during your broadcast at 12.55 GMT, on 6285 kHz, I can give you a SINPO code of 34333.
Song about Berlin, The Walrus - The Beatles.
All over Europe from the Ross Revenge.
My receiver is an Airspy HF+ Discovery, with SDR Console version 3.0.20 software.
The antenna is a Wellbrook ALA-1530 at 4 metres.
All the very best
QTH: Sheffield, Engeland🇬🇧

Your signal now is 44444 in Gothenburg


SCH Got Sweden

start listening at 1:17:oo    the calculations are interesting.

But we don´t know for sure because it is a new viruse 




                                                                                         Radio Monique International

                                                                                         Rosny-sous-bois March 31st 


                                          First I wish to thank Radio Monique International for the nice e-qsl.This is the symbole of mutual friendship which I felt when listening to your pop show last week end.And it made me happy.And today,I am pleased to submit the following reception report to your consider-

Date:March 28th 
Frequency:6285 khz
Time:15.57-16.30 UTC
Receiver:ICOM IC-R8600
Antenna:Outdoor(14m longwire)

Programme details:15.57 UTC:: »Thank you for your reports on Radio Monique International »(Id
                               entification reads by DJ in english speaking of the future of humanity16.00:Nice
                               song by Leonard Cohen(Hallelujah) 16.12:English oldie by a man with vocals
                               and.orchestra.(« Born ») 16.21DJ thanking listeners from Brazil and Italy for
                              their reports.16.27 UTC:DJ Stating close down and and reading website.

Reception Quality in the SINPO Code:4-5-4-3-4

Technical Remarks:A powerful and very clear signal made the listening good.

I hope this report will be helpful to you.And if checked and found to be correct,can you send me Radio Monique International e-qsl as a verification.The programme I heard was very attractive for the dynamism the DJ created and I subscribed to that Invitation for listening to a well known song by L.Cohen(Hallelujah) while other oldies completed that excellent musical selection.A trip to the Netherlands with a pass offered by Free Radio Monique International wich I support from my home in France!
As a conclusion,I wish this letter has pleased you.And enjoying to tune in again to Radio Monique
International and looking forward to hearing from you soon

Best greetings and take care of yourself

Jacques Augustin


I Heard your nice station on 6285 KHZ on the 28 of March  at 15.50 to at 16.10 UTC SINPO 54444
at 15.50 A man talk, letter from listeners
at 15.54 Elvis "You;ll Never Walk Alone "
at 15.59 "Hallelujah"
at 16.04 Call "Radio Monique "
at 16.10 "Born To Be Alive"

I listen on my Icom R72 and a 50 meters vaier antenn. I hope you will send a QSL. 
Your Sincerely
Rolf Johansson
Sweden        Mail: 

Inviato da iPhone

Inizio messaggio inoltrato:
Da: Maurizio Galliani <
Oggetto: report
hello from italy
listen 28/03/2020 15,30:16.00
sinpo 44444 from milano
please eqsl
Dankjewel Monique team.

Succes met jullie uitzendingen en ik hoop echt dat ook de mensen in NL die met EIGEN antennes en radio's luisteren jullie mooie programma's mee krijgen binnenkort !!!!!! Condities, condities, condities...............................

BLIJF GEZOND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groetjes uit Hoogeveen,





Having the pleasure to listen right now on 6285 kHz! Short video showing reception with strong signal: Found the station 1637 UTC hearing Are Friends Electric, you greeting listeners, 1643 Beatles, 1650 Simple Minds...

Do you take requests? 🙂 If so, I'd love The Modern Lovers "Roadrunner"

Greetings from Vänersborg, Sweden

Johannes Andersson



Hi Friends of Radio Monique Inter.


I Hope this report will be correct and interesting for you.

Waiting your verification or E-QSL , receive my compliments.


Sender From:

Antonio Madrid

Rubí - Barcelona - Spain

Coord.Geo:41º31’49”N-001º59’37”E , Altitud: 350 Mts





Station:Radio Monique Inter.


Date : 8-march-

Language : Eng

Frequency : 6.280,0 Khz. / 47,77 Metres


Receiver:WinRadio G31DDC

Antenna:Wellbrook ALA1530 LN


   UTC   | PROGRAMME DETAILS                           | S.I.N.P.O.


1658 UTC | Huey Lewis and The Neews - Hip to be squark | 44433

1702 UTC | Talk announcer                              | 44433

1703 UTC | Bruce Springteen - Dancing in the Dark      | 44433

1728 UTC | Greetings                                   | 44433

1729 UTC | New Order - Blue Monday                     | 44433

-------------         -----

Dear friends,

I would like to report a reception of your shortwave broadcast.

Program details:

Station name:  Radio Monique

Country of origin:  ???

Language: English

Date: 21/03

Time: 17.33’ (UTC)  19.33’ (local time in Greece)

Program comments:

The program consisted of:

   17.33’ UTC: At that time, on the air was a male speaker talking followed by a song which was interrupted by male talking.

17.38’ UTC: Another one song , a country song if I heard right.

17.41’ UTC: Male speaker talking giving the station’s ID like “..Radio Monique..” followed by a classic rock-country song.

17.55’ UTC: Another one song, a ballad one, a 60’s song or the song “you will never walk alone” if I heard right.

18.01’ UTC: A male speaker announcement probably giving the station’s ID again followed by another one song which was interrupted by male talking, a short announcement and then the signal was fades away or sign off.

If my reception report of your program was correct, I hope that you will send me your QSL verification card or your e-QSL which will do too. In case that you will need more program details for the verification please let me know so I can get back to you in the future. Below you will find a few technical details of my reception which I hope it will be useful to your staff. It was really fun listen to your broadcast , I learn things for sure (that’s the magic of the radio ) and I definitely would like to hear you again in the future. Till then,

Best wishes and 73’s

Technical details:

Frequency: 6285 KHz 

SINPO: 15331

QTH: Mournies ,Chania, Kreta island, Greece

Coordinates:  35°29’17.70’’   N 23°57’07,22’’ E

Receiver: Tecsun PL 660

Antenna: Long Wire 14 m long at 8 m above ground level

Altitude: 58 m

Transmitter location: ???

Distance from receiver to transmitter: ---- km

e-mail:      SWARL Callsign: SV9019SWL

Address:  Mr Nektarios Manousos


                  Chania , Kreta Island,Greece  


Frequency: 3935
Mode: AM
Date: 18 Feb 
Time: 2310 to 2325
SINPO: 22222
RX'er: vintage Halicrafter @-38-C feed into a Technics 2000 watt karaoke amp with a 20 band Radio Shack EQ and using a 400 ft coax wide loop antenna with a amp booster head plugged into Dell Computer with audacity for recordings.
RX'er: Location Central Pennsylvania USA

Programme Detail.

See recordings.

PSE eQSL and 73's and Happy DX'ing.

Big Badfish Al Al <>


Local time: 17.10 - 17.22
Coordinates: 5341N4926E
My location: selo. Nizhnee Sancheleevo. Samara region. Russia

Time: 13.10 - 13.22 utc
Fq: 6305 khz
Sinpo: 55555        S --- 9 dB
Rx:  web  sdr /// South West London. England
Ant: TC2M Broadband Antenna
If this report is correct, please verify it with your QSL-card or letter,
than you and 73!
My E-mail:
My name and address:
Vasiliy Lazarev
ul. Sovetskaja 
selo. Nizhnee Sancheleevo
Stavropolsky raion
Samara region
Program details:
13.10 utc // Song --- English language
13.13 utc // Identification --- Information --- Transmitter--------
13.16 utc // Song --- English language
13.18 utc // Identification --- Talk --- Information. Song --- English language
13.21 utc // Identification --- Talk -----------------
                     13.22 utc -------- TX --- s/off -------- end of transmission

Best transmitting and 73!

 Vasiliy Lazarev <>

Listener:              Patrick Robič

Date: March 15th, 
Time: 1650 - 1714 UTC
Frequency: 6285 kHz
SINPO: 24332

Receiver & Antenna: AOR AR7030 & MK-1

Programme Details:

1650 UTC: Song "Baker Street"
1652 UTC: Announce
1654 UTC: Identification "…brought to you by Radio Monique"
1654 UTC: Song "Man Of Action"
1657 UTC: Song "A Whiter Shade Of Pale"
1703 UTC: Thanks for reports
1704 UTC: Jingle
1704 UTC: Song "Soul Man"
1708 UTC: Announce
1712 UTC: Song

Hi !

I was very happy to receive your station Radio Monique on this Sunday afternoon here in the south eastern part of Austria. The signal was weak, but without interference. I attached a mp3-recording I made of my reception.
I would be glad if you could send me your QSL.

Greetings from Austria,


Hearing you well in South UK!

If you want a full reception report I can send one but in general I'm getting you 35-40dB SNR with some fading and also getting you well on a D-808 standalone! (If you QSL I'd love to receive one!)

Hearing jailhouse rock currently!

Thanks for the broadcasts :)
- Rose, South UK

Dear Sir,

My name is Arvid Husdal, and I am a 54 year old radioenthusiast from
Kristiansand, far south in Norway.

I am married to Bente, we have no kids.
My work is nursing, in the Kristiansand county "home nursing".
The reason for me writing this mail to you, is my hobby, dx-listening. My big interest is radio reception of far away signals from Europe and also around the globe. Pirate Radio on FM, MW and SW has always had a place in my heart for many years now :)

I have enclosed a recording of the signal received, here are the details of reception:

Date: 15.03.2020
Time: 16.00- NL Tijd

Frequency: 6285 kHz
Receiver: Sangean ATS909
Antenna: Longwire, 10m wire, "sloped", coax fed.

Great and varied music show, with lots of ear candy 🙂 Blues Brothers also I think !
Signal good to excellent.

Dear Sirs, I would very much appreciate if you found the time to listen to
the attached sound file with the recording of your station ,
and I would happily receive an e-mail confirmation of my reception of yor station if you find the recording correct and of interest.

Best regards;

Mr. Arvid Husdal, Palladiumvn.  Kristiansand, Norway.

Hi Crew at Monique!

Good signal here in windy Edinburgh. 
I'm listening to your broadcast on my new portable radio xhdata d-808. It's quite good. Bit too light and it wants to take off :)
Nice music, Duran Duran, my favourite.

Thanks for reliving the airwaves, 

73s! Bike DXer <>



Ik schrijf jullie om te laten weten dat ik jullie programma heb ontvangen in Finland op 08 maart  tussen 16.23 - 16.26 uur lokale tijd op de frequentie van 6280! Bijgesloten vinden jullie een korte opname, klik op de link en luister naar wat ik gehoord heb!

Ik hoorde een aankondiging van de naam van de zender met deze woorden: Radio Monique

Ik zou het fijn vinden als jullie zouden kunnen controleren of ik het goed heb gehoord en of dit signaal  oorspronkelijk uit jullie station. Ik ben 44 jaar oud en heb deze hobby vanaf mijn 16 e. Ik heb deze ontvangstbevestiging nu al uit 118 landen. Ik wens jullie het beste en hoop dat jullie transmissie zelfs nog verder dan Finland te horen zal zijn!

Met vriendelijke groeten:

Janne Heinikangas (a.k.a JanneFIN) 

Hi there Radio Monique
I enjoyed listening to your broadcast this afternoon, I started listening at 16.40 GMT on 6280 kHz, please click on the link to listen to or download my radio Monique recording:

My radio receiver is a Airspy Hf + Discovery, with SDR Console version 3.0.20 software.
The antenna is a Wellbrook ALA-1530 loop at four metres.
(I always use my own receiving equipment)
Please will you QSL?
Thanks for the music, until the next time 73
QTH is Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.
Sent from my iPad


Frequency: 6280
Mode: AM
Date: 08 March 
Time: 1645 to 1720 UTC
SINPO: 44444 via Bradford UK sdr
Signal meter:  S9+

Programme Details.

Rock music and excellent signal. Thanks
for the broadcast. PSE e-QSL

Big Badfish Al ( from Pittsburgh PA USA


Hello good afternoon,
With great pleasure I am sending you a report of reception of the broadcast heard this Sunday in the evening  on march 08, on windy day but with a very nice winter sun.
It has been a pleasant program that I have been listening to while I was near my house but already in a rural area right next to the Barcelona airport.
I've been in the SWL hobby for years, I think it's about 30, so I hope we keep listening for much longer.
I have recorded a short video clip that I have on my twitter, 
If you consider it correct please send me the eQSL to verify the listening
Thank you very much for your time and until another occasion.



Date 08/03 hour: 15:36 to 15:40 and 16:15 to 1640 UTC Freq. 6280 kHz SINPO 45444
RX: TECSUN PL-660 Ant: telescopic. Location, near Barcelona airport 
15:36 Start listening, identification, 
15:37 Music, O.M.D- Enola Gay
16:15: second time listening
16:25: full identification and email 
16:35: another melody
16:39: Rock style song

please see video record at twitter link


DearStation , 

I was most pleased to hear your station '  Radio Monique ' on the 31/03 ,16:05 Local hours  , on the frequency of 6305 kHz AM.
I heard you on an Yaesu FT950 radio with Long Wire antenna homemade ( 20.50 m ) .

Reception Was Generally  good . The  signal 8   Was stronger at times ( 9 Max ), There was QRM interference on your frequency. , The signal was received with little difficulty, always audible
SINPO 32333

Could you please check the details of this reception report. If you find them to be correct, could you please send me your e-QSL verification, letting me know if it was indeed these station that I heard ? I would be most pleased to receive this from you. A simple e-mail with some info about your transmitter would be enough.

My name David  , 43 year  . radio hobbyist since 1990. I live in Sarralbe (Locator: JN38MX) a small French town in the Northeast. I particularly enjoy tuning to distant MW and SW stations in France and worldwide.

May your station have continued successes in the future. I look forward to your reply and I send many thanks in advance and Best Wishes from France .


David  (F-21098)  David SWL <>

Hi there
As promised in Pirate Chat, here’s my recording of your station, from around 11.34 GMT on 6285 kHz,
Click on link below, you will be able to listen to and download my recording.
I was using an Airspy HF Plus SDR receiver, using SDR Console version 3.0.3 software. The antenna is a Wellbrook ala-1530 loop at four metres above ground.
Please will you QSL?

QTH Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Sent from Mail for Windows 10  Patrick Travers <>

Frequency: 6275
Mode: AM
Date: 5 June 
Time:  1345
SINPO: 33333 in UK
Signal meter: S5+

Program details:
Mostly oldies mix with Elton John, Bob Seegar, Stray Cats.
Excellent music but seems to be breaking up at times.


Big Badfish Al from the USA (

Frequency: 6290
Mode: AM
Date: 13th April 
Time: 1500 to 1520 UTC
SINPO: 44444 via Bradford UK sdr
Signal meter: 9+

Program Details:
Mix oldies and pop music. Recording enclosed.
Thanks for the broadcast.

Big Badfish Al ( from Pennsylvania USA


Dear Station

I was most pleased to hear your station '  Radio Monique   ' on the 13/04  13:59 UTC  , (14:45  End of the listening )  on the frequency of 6290 kHz AM.
I heard you on an Yaesu FT-950  radio with Long Wire + balun 9/1 antenna homemade ( 40 m ) .

The Reception Was good . The Signal was   9+5 db  ,small interference on your frequency. , The signal was received with little difficulty, always audible .Nice Music .  SINPO = 33333 .

What type of equipment do you use, transmitter station, antenna, power? So that I can complete my logbook. Thank you in advance .

Could you please check the details of this reception report. If you find them to be correct, could you please send me your e-QSL verification, letting me know if it was indeed these station that I heard ? I would be most pleased to receive this from you. A simple e-mail with some info about your transmitter would be enough.

My name David  , 46 year  . radio hobbyist since 1990. I live in Sarralbe (Locator: JN38MX) a small French town in the Northeast. I particularly enjoy tuning to distant MW and SW stations in France and worldwide.

May your station have continued successes in the future. I look forward to your reply and I send many thanks in advance and Best Wishes from France .


David  (F-21098)

Pirate Chat : David SWL

My Facebook : David SWL


Reception Report from MR AVO Short Wave Listener

To Radio Station ……Radio Monique………………………..

Date……13th April 2020………………………………………………………..

Frequency……6290 khz…………………………………..


SIMPO Report…………33334……………………..

Radio Conditions… …some fading on signal…………………………

My Receiver ……ICOM IC7400……………………………………………………….

Antenna……GM0ONX Inverted L…………………………………………………………….

I very much enjoyed listening to your station and hope my reception report is of use.

I would very much like a QSL Card from your station.

My QTH is located 30 miles North of Cambridge in the small town of Chatteris.

The area I live is very flat and is good for radio reception on all frequencies.

I very much enjoy listening to Short Wave station. But have no plans to transmit. !

73 MR AVO Short Wave Listener aka Andy G6OHM




Hello Monique

enclosed a report from your broadcast 4. november 2018

73*s John Vinther Nielsen  John Vinther Nielsen <>


from Marco Hommel

Send you my  ( Reception Report) To you Radio Monique int send my for this Reception Report

To the Radio : Radio Monique int

                                        Reception Report


Datum: 25.12                                          


Zeit:  UTC 12:05 - 12:24 UTC 

Frequenz 6305 khz


Empfänger: Eton e1 


Antenne:  Midi Loop 15 m High 

   SINPO : 45444

Programm Details. Jingel Radio Monique , Christmas Song Silent night, holy night, and Jingel Radio Monique again .Stille nach Heilige Nacht Deutsche Version 12:23 UTC

Marco Hommel

P.o.Box.: 1115 

01897 Grossroehrsdorf 

Germany   Marco Hommel <>

--                                                                  -------------

                                                          31th december 2018

Dear sir, 

My hobby is a monitoring radio signals on short wave band.

I received your radio signal since north part of France. 
I hope this receptions reports will be interest to you, 

DATE : 31/12
TIME : 1341Z

If the details in this report cheks with your station record and prove to be correct,
I would be glad to receive your qsl card by email or letter to confirm my reception of your radio signal.


F1PYW  eric bronner <>


Reception report from Finland
Radio Monique

I had the pleasure of listening to your station on shortwaves.

Date: 25.12
Time: 12.04- UTC
Frequency: 6305kHz, a little bit moving frequency
Reception: SINPO 45322
An audio sample of reception attached.

Receiver: Perseus SDR
Aerial: folded dipole for 48 metres.
I listened in Raisio, near Turku, in south western Finland. It's my remote controlled receiver about 2km from my home.

Thank you very much for your broadcast!
If you find that I heard your station, then your verification to this reception report would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards



Hello to you Monique!   Hearing you here in Maryland, USA (via SDR
network) at 2040 UTC.   Signal

good with a bit of distortion in your mic or signal.   Good overall signal at this late hour.

Male announcer with "Radio Monique" ID introducing Stones.

2043: Harlem Shuffle: Rolling Stones

Announcer again with "Radio Monique International" ID the introducing Stones.

2044 She's a Rainbow:  Rolling Stones

Hoping to have your eQSL for this reception and hope to hear you again in the near future!
Daniel Robinson <>


from RAINER BRANDT                         Thursday, February 14
North West Germany

Dear RADIO MONIQUE operator! Dear friend Bart Steenman!
First of all: Thanks for the great chat and shout-out and playing my request!
It was a real pleasure to have you this afternoon.
Well, this is my very first reception report to your radio station since 2014!
I’m a radio listener (DXer) since the 1970s and know offshore Monique also,
and even received a QSL card from them in 1985!
Today I was lucky enough to catch your nice signals here in North West
of Germany between Hannover and Hamburg. What a great experience!
Now I hope you like my report and I hope you may be able to check
and answer it with any kind of verification!
An E-mail QSL would be great indeed! Thanks in advance!
I'm very curious about your site in the Netherlands, anyway, I'm very pleased
having heard another foreign station again here in Northern Germany!

Here is what I heard:
DATE:  Thursday, February 14
TIME:  19.06 – 19.37 UTC (that is 20.06 – 20.37 CET local wintertime)
FREQ:  3935 kHz AM modulation, mode was OK, quite loud, well done!
SINPO: 34433-44444, means good signal, sometimes QRM, fading, noises

PROGRAMME: announcement heard in English by a male announcer
19.06 UTC Phil Collins – Sussudio
19.08 UTC IDs and jingles Radio Monique on 3945 and 6285, music extracts
19.08 UTC Do you copy - over…. TX off for a while
19.13 UTC rainbrandy can hear us on 3935 but not on 6285, ID
19.14 UTC slow music, then announcer and ABBA – Mama Mia
19.18 UTC announcement, IDs Monique, Achim listening Webreceiver, UK
19.19 UTC rainbrandy request The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the devil
19.21 UTC The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the devil played
19.26 UTC Announcer – echo alive and kicking, playing music
19.27 UTC Boomi heard Monique, special request, time given 27 past
19.28 UTC kind person, he is thanking us! smily, gentleman ;-)
e-mail gi, Monique
19.29 UTC same station as 30…34 years ago
19.30 UTC Ross Revenge, radio all over universe, Queen - Radio Gaga
19.35 UTC ID on 3945 kHz, my name is Bart Steenman, e-mail again
19.37 UTC Supertramp – Take the long way home, jingles, Boomi DX, Dutch

Listen to my audiofile which I attached. I hope you like it?!

Unfortunately I was not able to pick up more proper details – reception
dropped and I had to leave also, but in fact heard your station there!

BTW, my receiver was a SONY ICF 2001D fed into a dipole antenna.
My location was about 50 km north of Hannover, Northern Germany.

Anyway, I hope my reported details were correct for any kind of QSL!
What was the current location of this transmission and what was the power
and antenna system? Can you send some promotion material like
a studio, transmitter and antenna picture, a schedule or pics of the hosts?

Thanks for all things in advance and take care!
Now I wish much success with your further activities and KEEP IN TOUCH!
Happy New Year 2019 again and all the very best in future transmitting!

Rainer Brandt
North West Germany


Hi Radio Monique Intl,
I heard your broadcast yesterday from 2302 to approximately 2440 UTC.  I'm from the US state of New Mexico, but listened to you via an online SDR located in Wrexham.northeast Wales.  The operator uses a 200' dipole.  The band was noisy, but for this late in the day, the signal strength was unusually good.  I'd rate your signal a 322, due to noise and quite a bit of utility interference, especially after 2320.

I heard looped snippets of several songs, including the Stones' Sympathy for the Devil, I Was Made for Loving You by Kiss, Butterflyz by Alicia Keys.  You gave your ID and thanked listeners at 2314 UTC and gave your email address.  I thought I heard you say, "We are leaving the airwaves now, good bye."  I thought your carrier was off, but heard quite a bit afterward that I'm not sure was still you.  You or someone said something about "Belgium" and played another song I couldn't ID.  At 2325 I heard Go West by Pet Shop Boys and at 2329 "Well, well, ok", then later at 2336 "no, no", whistling sounds and chuckling. Something was said about the studio, and then "well, well" and then more of Go West.  Between the dropouts, noise, and utility interference, I couldn't find your signal and tuned away around 2340 UTC.

If my report is correct (and I'm not positive it is), and if you verify reception of online SDR listeners, I'd appreciate a confirmation.  If not, it's cool I understand.  I just want to let you know I was one of your listeners today.

Thank you for keeping radio free, and I'll listen for you again.
Heath Hall (bubblova on HFU)

Albuquerque New Mexico USA




Hi there, my beloved radio people!

Thank you for a nice show today, you can see a recording (video)

I recorded the whole test tones and music today in Edinburgh, Scotland.

All the best! 

Michael R. Lackovic 


Van: Dan Robinson <>
Verzonden: donderdag 28 november  15:27
Aan: RADIO MONIQUE <radiomoniq>
Onderwerp: Report to Monique
Hello to you Monique...heard your strong signal on 6285 khz this morning from 1415 utc with oldies and ID and test tones at 1422.
Thanks for the show and any eQSL appreciated! 


 Hi Radio Monique, Hello from Texas1DXer -

I’m writing to let you know that I enjoyed hearing the test transmission from Radio Monique, 6285 kHz, at 1432 UTC on October 15

I heard you on a KiwiSDR software-defined receiver, connected to a 22-meter-high vertical antenna, in Bjargtanger, Iceland.

I controlled the receiver from Austin, Texas using the Google Chrome browser on a 2018 Apple MacBook Air (13-inch Retina display, 1.6 GHz i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD) over a 1 GB cable internet connection with an Askey 801.11ac wireless router.

At about 1511 UTC, I rated your signal SINPO 35333 for the following reasons:

Signal Strength:  The signal strength was S5 on the SDR’s bar S-meter.  I rated the signal good = 3
Interference from other stations:  There was little to no interference from other stations.  I rated the signal excellent = 5
Noise from the atmosphere and other sources:  There was some atmospheric noise typical of the time of day and season.  I rated the signal good = 3
Propagational effects of ionospheric fading and other issues.  There were occasional shallow fades, otherwise the signal was very good .  I rated the signal good = 3
Overall quality of your signal:  I rated the signal good = 3.

I’m attaching a short .mp3 audio file from about 1511 UTC so you can hear your signal. 

Here are details about the songs I heard (times are approximate UTC because I timed them from my audio file; songs identified using Shazam):

1432 UTC – Tune in to “Joanna” by Kool & The Gang
1433 – “You and Me” by Crazy Kids (Benny Hill theme)
1438 – “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson
1444 – “London Calling” by The Clash
1448 – “Enola Gay” by McCluskey
1452 – “Enola Gay” by Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark
1456 – “Rip Her to Shreds” by Blondie
+++++ away from computer getting coffee +++++
1503 – “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion
1509 – “Kayleigh” by Marillion
1510 – Tune Out.

There were frequent ID and mentions of email address and webpage.  At 1508 UTC, there was a shout-out to the pirate radio chat room.

I had a great time listening to the music.  All the songs were new to me.  I’m not a Michael Jackson fan so his song was wasted on me.
I’ve listened to shortwave and mediumwave radio off-and-on since 1959 and have heard 162 shortwave countries from Austin.  While there aren’t nearly as many stations on shortwave compared to even 30 years ago, there’re enough interesting broadcasts – free radio stations like yours -- to make up for it.  Keep up the good work!

On a more personal note, I’m 73 years old, married, retired from three separate careers, and spend some of my spare time rescuing stray dogs.

I hope the results of your test were to your liking.

If this report is correct and useful, I’d appreciate receiving an eQSL at  

Long Live Free Radio!




Austin, Texas  USA




Dear Radio Monique Radio,
  I had the pleasure of hearing your special broadcast on 24 July  on 5800 Khz AM at 0200 UTC via Texas Radio via WRMI.  The signal was S9  SIO 545  SINPO 45444 into NE Ohio, Massillon, Ohio USA. Your broadcast included:
0200 UTC Yellow Rose of Texas
0201 Special broadcast from Radio Monique
0202 "The American Edition" intro
0203 "Radio Monique International"
0204 Dancing Queen by Abba
0207 "We love USA, and things we hate USA....1500 words in America from The Netherlands"
0210 Dancing Fool by Frank Zappa
0214 "What we think about America....Religious outcasts from Netherlands, are racist people, stupid gun ownership allowed,...Baby"
0219 Music
0222 What we think about America, big soap in politics, not so in Europe, alot of hypocrites...but alot wrong with Europe radio stations, Radio Monique had millions of listeners in 1980's...Baby!!!"
0225 What Europe thinks of Donald Trump....we share alot, much different cultures
0227 Music...female lead singer  Dolly Dots (?) from The Netherlands
0231 Shocking Blue, Golden Earring groups.  Contact via shortwave radio saves the world.   Email
0233 Venus by Shocking Blue  (I remember when it first came on!!!!
0235 Sorry, wife calling me to bed...better go!  Really enjoyed listening to the comments, history, facts, and viewpoints!!!
Equipment here is a Yaesu FT1000MP with an off center dipole 267 ft long, 38 ft high, strung NE/SW
If this is helpful, your EQSL would be greatly appreciated to:
I greatly enjoyed hearing what Europe, or rather The Netherlands think about America and it's people, politics, and Radio stations.  Always good to hear viewpoints from across the Atlantic. Also appreciated pointing out problems in Europe too. "Baby".  
Keep up the great creative work!!!
Chuck Kirkpatrick

Massillon, Ohio  USA (NE Ohio)

Hello Radio Monique International:

I am very pleased to report very good reception of your recent special broadcast for North America via Texas Radio Shortwave and WRMI-Radio Miami International. This was heard on 5,800 kHz from 02.00 to 03.00 hours UTC on Saturday, 24 July 

I received the program using my own equipment here at a point almost exactly between Chicago and Detroit in the Great Lakes region of the USA. I have summarized the program heard below and have attached a short MP3 audio file of the first part of the show. Also attached is a screenshot from the laptop I use for my software defined radio (SDR) receiver. I hope this information is interesting and useful. If my report is correct, I would very much like to receive your eQSL verifying it. Thank you very much in advance!

By way of some personal information about me: I began listening to shortwave at the age of 14 in 1970. In the early part of 1977, I had the great experience of listening to many European land-based free radio stations while I was on overseas study in the Republic of Ireland. I have been a professional radio broadcaster since 1974, mostly as a radio journalist. I am currently the news director of the noncommercial "public" radio station operated by the state university here (, however I will retire at the end of this year after 35 years with that station.

Thanks for the great program! I enjoyed the music as well as the insights into the history of the Netherlands, of Radio Monique, and of the way Europeans view us here in the USA.

Program Summary

02.00 - The Texas Radio Shortwave theme, "Yellow Rose of Texas" played on piano was followed by this announcement in a synthetic female voice: "Ahoy mateys, this is Third Mate Susan welcoming you on this special voyage of Texas Radio Shortwave. Today we're listening to a program produced by Dutch free radio station Radio Monique International. Reception verifications for this special voyage are available directly from Radio Monique International. Listen for the station's email address during the program. Sit back for an hour and listen to what the Europeans regularly hear on the shortwaves."

02.01 - Produced station identification with music and the sounds of seabirds, with the announcements in male voices: "It's Radio Monique...the American edition." That was followed by a sung ID jingle, "Radio Monique International," then the announcer, Bart Steenman, said, "Alright! This is a special edition transmitted all over the United States and the rest of America - North America, South America, yes baby! A European station, that's what you're hearing. And I'm going to tell you something: what we think of the USA and what's going on in Europe, and about the country of origin of Radio Monique, the Netherlands. How it started on a radioship - all of that in this transmission." That was followed again by the sung ID jingle.

02.04 - The ABBA song "Dancing Queen."

02.07 - The announcer spoke about the Eurovision song competition, which he said most Americans are not aware of. Also mentioned that about 1,500 words used in American English originated in the Netherlands, including "Yankee" and "dollar." Also mentioned that people from the Netherlands founded New York City, originally known as Nieuw Amsterdaam, among other historical items. This was followed by Frank Zappa's "Dancin' Fool."

02.14 - The announcer mentioned, "What do we think about the United States? Let's be frank..." and went on to talk about religious outcasts moving from Europe to the America hundreds of years ago, making the U.S. culture seem rather old fashioned in European eyes. He added that many in the U.S. haven't learned lessons about racism and social equity that Europeans have in the years after World War Two. He also said that Europeans think the USA has "crazy cowboy laws" about firearms, among other issues. On the positive side, he said Europeans think the American music and movie industries are great. The segment ended with "Dirty Pictures" by The Radio Stars.

02.22 - The announcer said Europeans tend to think that Americans are hypocritical about sex and politics. But he went on to talk about things that were not right in Europe, like the monopoly state-run broadcasters had in the 1980's, which led to the offshore radio stations like Radio Monique. The announcer said that he was a DJ on the Radio Monique radioship Ross Revenge during that time also, and that the vessel is now a museum. Then mentioned that, unlike in the USA, no one in Europe likes former U.S. president Donald Trump. The segment ended with "This Girl" by the Dolly Dots.

02.30 - Bart Steenman talked about discoveries by explorers from the Netherlands as well as overseas territories it once held. He also likes old shortwave radios in America that are often shown in movies about disasters. Steenman gave the email address for the station as "radio monique radio at Hotmail dot NL." The segment ended with Shocking Blue's "Venus."

02.36 - Bart Steenman spoke about his personal philosophy regarding racism ("there's only one human race") and that everyone all over the planet should work together. Mentioned Radio Monique's "Promo Girls." Then spoke about research about near-death experiences. He said that Radio Monique is a member of the group Pirates for Peace, which is planting stations near Russia, the Middle East, and China, among other places. The segment ended with "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

02.44 - Steenman mentioned that Holland is only one part of the Netherlands, and that the country played a large part in global commerce over the centuries. He mentioned that soldiers from the U.S, Britain, the Soviet Union, and other countries helped people in the Netherlands to free themselves from Nazi Germany, "We're still grateful that they did..." Described Amsterdam as the world's "coziest" city and that attitudes are pretty liberal in the Netherlands today. The segment ended with "State of Shock" by The Jacksons.

02.54 - Steenman talked about some Dutch recipes, including pancakes (U.S. pancakes are smaller but thicker), and that "Santa Claus" originated in the Netherlands. The segment ended with "Radar Love" by Golden Earring.

02.58 - Steenman ended the show by mentioning Radio Monique's email address and webpage. 

Signal Strength and Quality

WRMI almost always provides a very strong signal at my location on this frequency at this time. On this occasion, the strength was generally S9 or higher with relatively little fading, some seasonal thunderstorm static, and no interference from other stations. The SINPO rating was 55444.

The odd "whistle" heard at some points in the recording is an apparent defect of this WRMI transmitter. It has been doing this for some time now but fortunately it was not loud enough to seriously interfere with enjoyment of the show.

Receiving Equipment

I use an Airspy HF+ "Dual-Port" SDR receiver with SDR Console v3 running on a Dell Inspiron laptop. The antenna was a 46-meter horizontal delta loop suspended 1.2 meters above ground level.

Thanks for a very enjoyable program! I hope to catch Radio Monique International again soon.


Andy Robins

Kalamazoo, Michigan 


Hi to all at Radio Monique  International:
It is with much pleasure that I can report to you on the reception of your station Radio Monique International via WRMI on 5800 kHz on the 24 July  between 0200 and 0300 hours UTC. 

This is the first time that I have heard your station n

I have attached my reception report.

Would you please be kind enough to check my reception report and if it is found to be correct your verification of it with your eQSL would be very much appreciated. 

Normally I would also attach an audio mp3 file of my reception. However as I have just returned from lockdown in Sydney, Australia (due to the Covid virus) I am now in a 14 day quarantine period in Auckland, New Zealand and I do not have any facilities with me to be able to send you a digitized mp3 file of my reception. However I would be more than happy to send you an mp3 audio file on my return home.

I have therefore given as many program details as possible to help prove that I did indeed hear your station. 

Many thanks for taking the time to answer my report. I look forward to receiving a reply from you if my report is correct.


Dene Lynneberg




Listener: Jim Jones – 

Program(s) Listened To: Radio Monique International
Date: 24 July 2021 UTC / 23 July  Local
Time: 0200 hrs. UTC / 2100 hrs. Local CDT

Frequency (kHz): 5800 kHz / AM
Signal Quality (SINPO): 2,2,2,2,2 

Program Detail (Times and Names of Songs or Text of Announcements):
If incorrect on titles, the enclosed .wav file will provide alternative method of identifying my reception.  Please listen to supplied .wav file
0200 hrs. – Opening song “Yellow Rose of Texas,” followed by Texas Radio Shortwave (3rd Mate Susan)      opening the broadcast -
0201 hrs. Opening of Radio Monique Int’l broadcast followed by DJ Bart Steenman and music followed by      DJ, “Alright!  This is a special edition of……and the rest of Americas, North 
     America, South America….” 
02003 hrs. Song “Dancing Queen” by ABBA

0207 hrs. DJ Bart Steenman, station ID “Radio Monique…..Netherlands” 

0210 hrs. Song, “Dancin’ Fool” by Frank Zappa

0213 hrs. DJ Bart Steenman – “Let’s be frank…..”
0219 hrs. Song, “Dirty Pictures” by Radio Stars

0221 hrs. DJ Bart Steenman, “Alright, yea,…in the 80’s for example we only had state owned radio.      stations…yea baby!...a cultural revolution…” gave website address, gave email address

0226 hrs. Song, “This Girl” by the Dolly Dots

0228 hrs. End of Reception report – continue to listen

Comment About What I Heard:  I don’t hear Frank Zappa played much in the US.  Interesting dialogue and music 

Receiver: CCrane CC Skywave SSB (see attached photo)
Antenna: Internal Ferrite bar and telescoping antenna

An audio recording of my reception is another attachment.  Also enclosed is an attachment with our portable receiving set-up used to record your broadcast, and the front of my (e)QSL card.  Please send a verification report, QSL card, or eQSL card if I qualify.

                          Thanks in advance and thanks for an interesting broadcast,

                                                                                  Jim Jones



RECEIVER: Kenwood R-5000
ANTENNA: 100 FT Longwire, N-S
DATE: Friday, July 23
TIME: 9:00 PM CDST (Local), 0200 GMT on July 24
LOCATION: Oak Creek, Wisconsin USA
SINPO: 55254
FREQ: 5800 kHz

I enjoyed listening to your special relay broadcast through WRMI on Friday night!  It was a special treat to hear you!  The music was great, leading off with ABBA, my favorite group.  Unfortunately noise was high, so I didn’t hear all the discussion clearly.  But I did learn about the relationship between Holland and The Netherlands, that I did not know.  Also Hollands perspective on WWII.  I’m interested in anything about WWII, especially in Europe, so this was wonderful.  I look forward to hearing more of your broadcasts / relays, especially in the winter months when the noise is typically lower.  Please keep up the great programming with similar interesting and informative topics.

Please QSL if convenient.

Mark Draeger

Oak Creek


Beste Radio Monique,

Ik heb je station gehoord op de kortegolf en ik vond het een goed idee je een rapport toe te zenden.Hopelijk ben je er geïnteresseerd in.

Datum: 24/07
Tijd: 02.06 - 03.00 UTC
Frekwentie: 5800 kHz. (via WRMI relay).
02.06 UTC  song"Dancing' Queen"(Abba).
02.07 UTC  kort gesprek over de US - werd ook gemeld dat je uitzond via Radio Miami International.
02.09 UTC  ID"Radio Monique"...WRMI...the Netherlands".
02.13 UTC  Ik hoorde de naam van Frank Zappa.
02.18 UTC  Story van Monique: begonnen op een schip.
02.19 UTC  song van een groep.
02.22 UTC  vervolg van de Monique story: iets over de 1980's - piratenstations tussen Nederland en de UK .
02.25 UTC  de naam van Donald Trump werd vermeld.
02.26 UTC  Rock & Roll song "....down"(down kwam in de titel voor).
02.30 UTC  je noemde België ,  Indonesië , Duitsland en je gaf ook je email adres.
02.32 UTC  info over Nederland.
02.33 UTC  song"Venus"(Shocking Blue).
02.37 UTC  kort gesprek over "Goodwill" - Radio Miami International werd ook vermeld.
02.42 UTC  song"Everythings gonna be alright"(Bob Marley).
02.47 UTC  mensen komen naar Nederland om te feesten ..Nederlanders zijn erg sociaal.
02.51 UTC  song"Stad of shock"(The Jacksons).
02.54 UTC  recepten  uit Nederland: pannekoeken,stroopwafels.ook Sinterklaas werd genoemd.
02.56 UTC  song"Radar love"(Golden Earring).Het programma eindigde met de instrumental"Yellow Rose of Texas".
Ontvangstkwaliteit in SINPO code: 2 5 3 2 2 
Ontvanger en antenne: Ik heb je station ontvangen via de SDR in Castlebar,Ierland.Ik heb eerst geprobeerd jullie rechtstreeks te ontvangen met mijn eigen ontvanger een R5000 van Kenwood en een 17 meter draadantenne doch tevergeefs vandaar dat ik de eerste minuten van je station gemist heb.
Mijn naam is Etienne ben 65 jaar en ongehuwd.Ben met pensioen voorheen werkzaam als magazijnbediende in een firma die koelmeubels plaatst in voornamelijk warenhuizen.Ik woon in Sint-Niklaas in het Noorden van België op 15 km van het Zeeuwse Hulst.
Naast radioluisteren ga ik ook fietsen en wandelen.Verder doe ik ook aan vrijwilligerswerk.
Kan je aub mijn rapport nazien met je logboek en indien het correct is, verifieren met je email QSL.

Hartelijke groeten en dank bij voorbaat,

Etienne Sertyn


Ik heb een audio clip ingesloten van het programma dat ik ontvangen heb


Dear Radio Monique International,    
Greetings from Canada! I am very happy to report that I managed to receive your broadcast in English via Texas Radio Shortwave’s timeslot on WRMI, and I would like to send you this reception report.  
Station:  Radio Monique International  
Language:  English  
Date:  24 July   
Time:  0200-0300 UTC  
Frequency:  5800 kHz (via WRMI) 
Receiver:  Grundig Satellit 2400 SL with a 1.3 metre indoor whip antenna    
Receiver Location:  Nackawic, New Brunswick, Canada    
SINPO:  2 3 1 1 2 (Weak signal with a lot of noise and fading)    
Programme Details:    
Most WRMI frequencies come in fairly strong here in Nackawic. However, 5800 kHz is one of the frequencies difficult to receive clearly until after midnight local time. There was a lot of noise and fading throughout your show. Atmospheric conditions in this part of Canada haven’t been great lately. Even MW stations from the USA, which are easily audible late in the evenings, have been more difficult than usual lately.  
Anyway, I quite enjoyed the DJ commentary and music. I have attached 2 mp3 files, which will give you a good idea of the poor quality of the signal heard here in Nackawic:  
File 1: Recording at 0200 UTC, which includes Texas Radio Shortwave ID and the beginning of Radio Monique International. As can be heard, reception conditions at the start of the broadcast were not good.  
File 2: Recording at 0225 UTC. Signal strength has improved, though still far from ideal. 
I’m sure reception was better in other parts of North and South America. I hope the information provided is correct. If yes, could you kindly send me a QSL card? Thank you very much.   
Cyril MacDonald    


Hi this 24/8 from 0200 UTC to 0230 UTC at 5800khz I could listen to Radio Monique (first time in my life, of course!). 0203 Female song, later male voice (in english) 0210 Song 0214 male voice talking about "broadcasting", 0220 Another song (attached a video sample of that specifical song) 0226 Female rock song. I stopped listening at 0230 because the noise was unbearable at that point. 

SINPO of 45343 (with moments of NOISE 2, sadly...). Anyways, I could listen to your music! 

Attached an audio sample an a video clip.

Receiver:  SONY TR-840 (1968)

Antenna: Long wire 1,5mm (Length: 17 meters - 52 feet) attached horizontally with pvc isolators, at six meters of height (to the ground) three meters of distance from my house roof.

My Name: Alejandro Filimonchuk
Exact QTH:

City: Lanus
Province: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina

Thank you very much! Very nice to hear you, guys!


Hello Radio Monique International! 

On Saturday, July 24,  I had the great pleasure of hearing your “American Edition” programming relayed by Texas Radio Shortwave via Radio Miami International from 0200 to 0259 UTC on 5800 kHz, from my home in Saint Albans, Vermont, United States of America.

I have attached two short audio files as proof of my reception.  The first file, “Monique-5800_210724_0210_Howe1.mp3”, is 38 seconds long and was recorded from 0209:51 to 0210:29 UTC.  The file begins with a “Radio Monique International” jingle, continues with DJ Bart Steenman mentioning his name, and ends with the beginning of the song “Dancing Fool” by Frank Zappa.

The second file, “Monique-5800_210724_0233_Howe2.mp3”, is 1 minutes, 12 seconds long and was recorded from 0232:31 to 0233:43 UTC.  The file begins with Bart Steenman announcing “… and if you’d like to drop us a line or send a letter, the email address is, that is”, continues with a different Radio Monique International jingle, and ends with the beginning of the song “Venus” by Shocking Blue.

The remainder of the program consisted of musical selections interspersed with commentary by Bart Steenman on a variety of topics, including information about Europe, the Netherlands, the United States, what Europeans think of Americans, broadcasting from the ‘Ross Revenge’, Donald Trump, shortwave radio, out-of-body near-death experiences, and food recipes.

Listed below are the times in UTC when the songs were played:

0203:47 — “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

0210:10 — “Dancing Fool” by Frank Zappa.

0219:35 — “Dirty Pictures” by Radio Stars.

0226:17 — “This Girl” by Dolly Dots.

0232:55 — “Venus” by Shocking Blue.

0241:30 — “Every Little Thing Will Be Alright” by Bob Marley.

0249:46 — “State of Shock” by The Jacksons.

0256:33 — “When the Lady Smiles” by Golden Earring begins but the music switches to the song “Radar Love” at 0256:47 UTC.

SINPO:  55434.  Atmospheric noise was most noticeable when WRMI’s signal faded.  WRMI beams their signal on 5800 kHz in a direction almost directly opposite that of my location.

I used a Sony ICF-2010 receiver and its attached telescoping whip antenna extended to its full 46” length to receive your signal.

If the attached .mp3 files document my reception of Radio Monique International during this broadcast on 5800 kHz on Saturday, July 24, 2021 sufficiently, I would very much appreciate receiving an eQSL confirming my reception. 

I enjoyed the eclectic mix of music you played on this program, especially “Radar Love”, even if there wasn’t enough time at the end of the program for the song to finish.

Best regards,

Stephen Howe
Saint Albans, VT, USA


Hello Radio Monique International, Hi Bart Steenman,
today I had the pleasure to receive Radio Monique International on shortwave.
I got an announcement from Texas Radio International. So I got up very early
and listened outside the house in the nearby garden to avoid the local interference 
from technical equipment. Unfortunately the reception was not as good as
I hoped for. My receiving equipment is rather basic and I had some problems 
with atmospheric noise this morning. I could not really follow your interesting 
thoughts of the broadcast so well. I regret it. But I heard some nice songs and I still 
enjoyed this special broadcast from a distance. Thanks a lot for bringing your 
free radio show on shortwave on the air. 
Herewith I send my reception report accompanied by short audio clips:

Date of reception: July 24th 
Frequency: 5.800KHz
Time of reception: 02:00-03:00UTC
SINPO: 3 / 5 / 2 / 4 / 2 (almost good signal, free of interference)
My receiver: Tecsun PL-880 (DSP PLL) 
                        with telescopic antenna + longwire Sangean AN-200              
Location: Sangerhausen, a small town in the East part of Germany.
Program: English show with Bart Steenman via WRMI in Florida USA
„Venus“ -Shocking Blue/ „Three Little Birds“ -Bob Markey & The Wailers
„Radar Love“ -Golden Earring
I add three typical short audio clips for a personal impression.
Of course it would be a great pleasure to get your verification by QSL 
as a memory to our contact. Any reactions from your side will be highly
appreciated. Thanks for your efforts in advance!
By the way I´m 65 years old but still a keen free radio listener.
And I like to remember Offshore Radio of the past. When I lived in 
the former „DDR“ I listened to Radio Caroline, RNI or Laser 558.  
I hope to hear Radio Monique International again very soon,
perhaps with better reception. 
Until the next time -all my best wishes

Horst Cersovsky


Kostiantyn Pravotorov, Zaporijja, Ukraine.

Reception report:
Date: July 24 
Time: 02:00-02:30 UTC,
Frequency: 5800 khz,
SINPO: 45454
Receiver: KiwiSDR Westminster 120 ft T2FD antenna. 
Radio Monique International on TRSW via WRMI, was logged at July 24 2021 from 02:00 till 02:30 UTC on Frequency 5800 khz. Reception on SINPO was : 45454 signal strenght as received was strong, interference from other station nil, the overal merit was good. 
Your broadcast musical programme playing songs including at 02:03 "Dancing queen" by ABBA, 02:10 "Dancin' fool" by Frank Zappa, 02:19 "Dirty pictures" by Radio stars, 02:26 "This girl" by The Dolly Dots. In programme talk about The Culture revolution. 
Dear Gentlements !
Greetings from Ukraine! 
I have had great pleassure in logging your station and sending you my reception report trusting that you will be in a position to verefy it. Would you be kind enough to send me your QSL-card or verification letter. 
Thanking you in advance for your reply
Yours sincerely.


RADIO Grundig Satelie 750
14 metros   Square Antenna
RADIO STATION:   Radio Monique
 DATE 24/July/2021

HOUR UTC  2:27

LANGUAGE  English 
S (4) 
I (4) 
N (4) 
P (4) 
O (4) 
I listened  a nice selection of music  program with nice music and male voice coments  , at 02:43 a song everything gonna be all rigth  ID givven at 02:28, @ 02:32 Song Vemus comentys included Pirate for peace and Geography of the Nederland

Please confim with your QSL    l like your nice  job a lot



Radio Monique Internacional Netherlands From my estimate: Today I had the privilege of listening for the first time in my life via: WRMI in short wave on the frequency: 5800 khz. to RADIO MONIQUE SHORTWERE. Day: 07-23-2023 Language:
 English SINPO: 43444 Time: 02.00 to 03.00 UTC (corresponds to 07-24-2021) 22.00-23.00 Chile time (corresponds to 07-23-2021) My Reception reports are with fragments of your program in mp3 audio. Content: Start with music from the
 Abba group,
 a beautiful welcome to your listeners, comments and many beautiful songs that gladden my heart in these times of pandemic that the whole world is suffering. If you consider it, I will wait for your beautiful QSL but for me it will be
 a pleasure to tune you back. With a virtual hug and thanking your transmission so entertaining and interesting, he greets you very cordially. Daniel Bustos Aravena Nueva Imperial- 
Chile -South America  P.S: I send you a personal photo working at my station An audio with fragments of your program Radio Monique International

2 archivos adjuntos


Mark Hogan N5OBC
Sand Springs Ok USA

On Fri, Jul 23,  at 10:01 PM Mark Hogan <> wrote:
Broadcast started 0200 on 5800 khz
S7-9   Good Audio
Elecraft KX-3
128' Horizontal Loop up 30'

Interesting broadcast, thanks for making this available to us here in the states.  I have been SWLing since the late 60's and used to listen to radio netherlands

Here are my notes from the broadcast.  I would appreciate a QSL card, hard or electronic.

The American Edition
special Edition
What we think of the usa
From Netherlands
my name is what is my name then music
dancing queen

legend of liza

Language 1500 words of american language are from the netherlands
founded NY was new amsterdam
us is non social country with alot of racism
crazy cowboy laws
not allowed to have a gun in netherlands
Movie industry
Nature is great
Rado Monique started because things were not good in europe
In the 80's there was only state owned radio, and Radio Monique the station had to be operated covertly

Radar Love was the last song.

Mark Hogan




Greetings Radio Monique International and DJ Bart Steenman:

It was great to hear you on WRMI this evening, courtesy of Texas Radio International.

WRMI is received here in Massachusetts on all of its frequencies.

I really enjoyed your show and hope to hear you again!

If you maintain a mailing list for special broadcast announcements, I’d appreciate it if you would add my email to that list.

Thanks for the show!

Brian Penney 
(All reception local @ Brewster, MA on Cape Cod)


DATE:                                    07-24
FREQUENCY:                       5800 kHz (via WRMI) 
MODE:                                   AM
SINPO:                                  5-4-4-4-4 
SIGNAL STRENGTH:           S8 – S9
TIME OF LOG:                      0200  UTC  - 0300  UTC

All times/dates are UTC

0200 – Texas Radio International “Yellow Rose Of Texas” lead-in music
0201 – “The American edition of Radio Monique International”
0203 – ID: “Radio Monique International”
0204 – “Dancing Queen” – ABBA
0207 – DJ Bart Steenman behind the mic: “We both love and hate things about the USA.”-“1500 words from the North American language is from the Netherlands.”
0210 – “Dancin’ Fool” – Frank Zappa
0213 – DJ Bart Steenman behind the mic: “We think the US is an old fashioned country. Racism in the US. Crazy cowboys, owning guns. Health insurance problems. US Democratic system doesn’t work. Music industry is great. Radio Monique started on a ship”
0219 – “Dirty Pictures” – Radio Stars
0221 – DJ Bart Steenman behind the mic: “US is hypocritical. 1980’s ships appeared between Europe and England. Radio Monique started on the ship Ross Revenge. Pop music now played on European radio stations. No one linked Trump in Europe”
0226 – “This Girl” – Dolly Dots
0230 – DJ Bart Steenman behind the mic: “History of The Netherlands, languages spoken. Shortwave will save the world” email addy given.
0233 – “Venus” – Shocking Blue
0236 – DJ Bart Steenman behind the mic: “People of goodwill will save the planet. Radio Monique is a member of Pirates for Peace”
0241 – “Three Little Birds” – Bob Marley & The Wailers
0244 – DJ Bart Steenman behind the mic: “Holland is a part of The Netherlands. Holland is a province. Grateful to allies for liberating The Netherlands.”
0249 – “State Of Shock” – The Jacksons
0254 – DJ Bart Steenman behind the mic: “Recipes, pancakes, Santa Claus”
0256 – “Radar Love” – Golden Earring 
0258 – End of the show. Thanks for listening.
0300 – OFF

I would appreciate receiving a eQSL from your station if these loggings are accurate. Thank You!

Receiver:   WiNRADiO G33DDC Excalibur Pro 

Antenna:    Wellbrook ALA1530LN   

Shazam & SoundHound are utilized to assist with music identification.

Brian Penney

United States


“Radio Star” on hfunderground


Hello friends of Radio Monique International !!! I hope you are good.

I am pleased to send you from Montevideo (Uruguay) this reception report of your radio, captured via WRMI and Texas Radio Shortwave according to the details below.

Listener Freddy Irigoin

Date July 24
UTC Time 02:22 to 02:59
Frequency 5800 khz
Receiver / Antenna kiwiSDR Córdoba, AR / Dipolo 20-40
SINPO 45344

I also attach an audio of a few minutes so you can verify it, and then some songs played in part of the programming.

02:26 UTC - This Girl (Dolly Dots)
02:32 UTC - Venus (Shocking Blue)
02:40 UTC - Three Little Birds (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
02:48 UTC - State Of Shock (The Jacksons) 
02:56 UTC - Radar Love (Golden Earring)

The reception was with SINPO 45344 arriving with a good signal, without interference from other stations and with some sporadic noises, but in summary a very good reception.

I am grateful for the transmission made with very good music, I hope to be able to tune in directly from this side of the world if conditions allow it at some point. I would very much like to be able to receive your eQSL verification from Radio Monique International.

Best regards, Freddy.


Hello good evening I am writing to tell you to receive your station by the 5800 khz  with 100.000 Watt.
I send you a reception report that if correct I hope it will be confirmed with the QSL card of the station without further greetings cordially waiting for a response
DATE                         July 24
HOUR                       02.00 UTC- 23.00 Local time Uruguay
FREQUENCY            5800 khz vía WRMI
SINPO                       24322
1- Identification
2- Man broadcaster speak
3- Music- Dancing Queen- ABBA
4- man broadcaster speak
5- Music
6- Man broadcaster speak announcer song
7- 02.35 UTC the end of report

I greet you attentively and I hope your QSL card.